Abide In Christ: May 12th

5890997282_f761dbd312_oGOD HIMSELF WILL ESTABLISH YOU

Wow.  Wonderful our Workman.  (Thanks, Tim.)  Have you picked up on the theme, yet?  It’s not our work, but His.  Even abiding is done by and through His Life.  Ours is to exercise our faith.

“Could [we] but understand how just [our] own efforts are the cause of [our] failure, because it is God alone who can establish us in Christ Jesus.  [We] would see that just as in justification [we] had to cease from [our] own working, and to accept in faith the promise that God would give [us] life in Christ, so now, in the matter of [our] sanctification, [our] first need is to cease from striving [ourselves] to establish the connection with Christ more firmly, and to allow God to do it.”

I can hear Jesus’ words: “You of little faith.”  We are of little faith, but He is Faith!  He provides us His Life, His Faith.  We now live by Him – Faith.  “God is faithful, by whom ye were called unto the fellowship of His Son Jesus Christ.”  I love this:

“What peace and rest, to know that there is a Husbandman who cares for the branch, to see that it grows stronger, and that its union with the Vine becomes more perfect, who watches over every hindrance and danger, who supplies every needed aid!”

And then also:

“The lesson appears so simple; and yet the most of us take so long to learn it.” (I know I do!) “The chief reason is that the grace the promise offers is so large, so God-like, so beyond all our thoughts, that we do not take it really to mean what it says.”

Oh, we of little faith.

Saints, R.C., “…ask and trust Him by the Holy Spirit ever to remind you of this your blessed relation to Him.  He will do it; and with each new morning your faith may grow stronger and brighter: I have a God to see that each day I become more firmly united to Christ.”  Wow, and amen!

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