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Podcast #33: Take Me to Your Leader

Welcome to podcast #33! Today’s a crossover special to kick off a new series on leadership under the Headship of Christ.

The Players

  • R.C.
  • Bridget
  • Carrie
  • Tyrone
  • Alison
  • Andrew

The Conversation

Leadership within the church is a hot topic among some believers today.  Questions like the following: Who is the leader of your group? How can Christ lead a group of people? Is it possible? How does it work? Do you have elders? Who appoints your leaders?  Who is your spiritual covering? They have created many heated conversations among believers, especially when it comes to meeting outside the institutional church.

We have something new to introduce today! We at 3rdRace.org are teaming up with To The Saints Radio for the month of November to bring you a series on the Leadership of Christ. To The Saints Radio kicks off the series with a podcast where we speak candidly on Reframing Leadership, and we at 3rdRace.org are writing a series of blog posts on the Leadership of Christ.

All of us at 3rdRace.org and To The Saints have learned, and continue to learn even more, to function under the headship of Christ. So all that you’ll hear and read will be from our experience. We may not answer all your questions, but we will reveal a greater Christ and His purpose for His body, the ekklesia.

Enjoy today’s first post, a podcast from To The Saints Radio.

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