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Podcast #14 – Season 2.03 – Kids in the Wild Part 1

Welcome to podcast episode 14!


  • Bridget
  • R.C.
  • Jon
  • Carol


Meeting outside the system of organized religion can be very freeing: you can actually live out your freedom from tyranny, law, Christian expectation, Babylon (the religious system), Egypt (the world system), etc. with the help and support of other living stones, your brothers and sisters in Christ. Meeting outside the system of organized religion can also lead to many questions, especially when the lines get blurred between what is of the old system (from which we left) and what is actually the life of Christ (to which we’ve come). For instance, what do we do with our children as we meet outside the system of organized religion?

This question, and many others similar to it, have been raised, debated over, and walked out in many gatherings of the saints throughout the world. Funny thing is, it was never an issue (of which we are aware, anyway) until the man-made system started putting everything and everyone into boxes: children’s church, youth group, college ministry, bible class, young adults, vacation bible school, Sunday school, etc. Those have become nice and neat boxes to be checked by saints as we “progress” through our Christian walk. So what happens when we no longer have those check boxes in place? What happens when we leave the safe confines of the system of man for the wilds of Christ?

Bridget and R.C., parents of four kiddos, got together with Jon and Carol, parents of three kiddos, who meet together with other saints in the wilds of Christ outside the system of organized religion in Oklahoma City, OK. The four saints discussed, at some length, children, parenting, the Church, and the wonderful, messy mixture of it all.

So, the question for this episode is this:

We meet outside the system of organized religion, so what in God’s name do we do with the kids?

This is part one of a nearly two-hour long conversation. In this episode, the saints discuss giving our kids Jesus 1% of the time versus allowing Him to permeate our lives 100% of the time, homeschooling, the Olympics, religious check boxes, and walking out uncomfortable and awkward situations with our kiddos.

Surely you have some thoughts on this topic. Please chime in via the comments!

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    October 5, 2016 at 11:41 am

    Loved it! Very encouraging! Can’t wait for the next one in the series.

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