Christian Life

Giving Him What He Asks for

One year, I asked RC for some books for Christmas. As I surveyed my packages, none of them seemed the right size for books. But, I figured he had come up with some way to disguise my gifts seeing… Life, Christ

IC365: A Daily Calendar

Have you ever seen those little perpetual desk calendars that contain daily inspiration or motivation? Well, I've seen them, and have found them to be a mixed bag. So, I started writing one myself back in May. Here's a… Life, Christ

Seeing Christ in Tim Buss

Andy and Malaina Hollinger and their family recently visited Tim Buss in Tucson, AZ. They quickly found that the rumor is true. Tim Buss sees Jesus in EVERYTHING!! …

Christian Life

I Tried So Hard and Got So Far

I’ve always liked the song, but over the past years, it has come to take on a new meaning. I found hope knowing that trying so hard doesn’t really matter. …

Christ, The Church

Seeing Christ in the Rapture

Because the Lord is coming back this weekend I thought I would write one last article before then. As we all know, sometime this weekend the stars will align to yet another sign of our soon and coming Christ,…