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Oneness: A Practical Expression of Christ’s Leadship

Walk worthy of the calling with which you were called.  With all lowliness and meekness, with longsuffering bearing one another in love be diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit in the uniting bond of peace. There is One body and One spirit even as also you were called in One hope of your calling One Lord, One faith, One baptism, One God and Father of all, who is over all, through all and in all. Eph 4:1-6

Christ’s Leadership and Headship Expressed Through Oneness

To be clear, when I use leadership, I mean the person who is THE WAY shows us the way to follow His lead. When I say headship I mean source. Christ is our source of life that enables us to follow His lead.  Living by the life of Christ, with Him as your source of life, is to live by and under his Headship.  And when a group of individuals is doing this together it’s called the ecclesia.

The result of a group of people living under the leadership/headship of Christ is oneness. To say it another way, If you see oneness being expressed by a group of people then you’ll find that people living under the leadership and headship of Christ. You will see one head and one body moving in unison, agreement, harmony, and in concert together. 

We see from Ephesians what oneness looks like expressed when Christ is allowed to be in charge and rule His own body.  

ONE HEAD/MIND- Who controls the body

ONE Body- To give visible expression to the head and mind of Christ

ONE Spirit- Life and power to help guide us and supply the body with Christ’s life to live by

ONE Hope- Christ’s Hope in His many membered body  to give expression of His life

ONE Calling- Calling us to be His image and expression of Christ

ONE Lord/KING- Who is in charge and calls all the shots

ONE Faith- Trusting in the one who we cannot see, that He knows how to Lead His own body.

ONE Baptism- Into ONE Kingdom: the Kingdom of Christ

ONE God-One who is in control of everything that happens to the body of Christ

ONE Father- Who is training up His children to be the practical image and expression of His SON



ONENESS: The fact or state of being one in number.

UNITY: the state in which many people are united together for a common goal, under a particular distinction or vision.

Oneness is an expression of UNITY but unity is not the same a oneness.

The world’s version of oneness is unity. It does not know ONENESS. I say this because True oneness is unique only to Christ.  And only those in Christ have the ability to express His true ONENESS, as one.   

We’re not ONE based off any unifying factors. What makes us one is CHRIST, Him in us and us in Him by the Spirit. We corporately express HIS ONENESS by His life. Oneness is a person, CHRIST. Just as the Spirit enables the Godhead to live in and express Oneness, He also enables Christ’s body. 

We’re lamps all powered by the same Electricity- many lamps powered by and expressing ONE electrical current. It’s not the fact that we’re are all lamps that make us ONE- It’s Christ’s shared Life, one electrical current, in us that makes us one. We are many but we are One. God is three but He is one.


As a corporate expression of Christ, we’re young, we are learning how to live under the headship and leadership of Christ.  Today, His body is in a wonderful season of seeing the increase of Christ within the individual members and corporately.

Please know, the only vessel Christ has called and given the AUTHORITY to expresses HIS LORDSHIP/HEADSHIP is His body the ecclesia. 

“Be diligent to keep the oneness of the Spirit In the uniting bond of peace.”

Paul exhorts us to be diligent in keeping the Oneness implies that we can lose oneness.  We cannot fall out of ONENESS for we are always one in CHRIST. BUT we can stop practically expressing that oneness as ONE, and this is called division. Know that to express Division is to walk apart from the Spirit.  It means there are too many heads, everyone decides for themselves what is best for the body of Christ.

I would venture to say that Christ not being allowed to freely express His Lordship through His body means the ecclesia has lost the practical expression of Oneness. The cure for this is to come back under the leadership/headship of Christ.

To express Oneness is to walk by, live by the life of the of Christ’s Spirit. Oneness is the result, it’s the practical expression of living under the headship of Christ. 

We need to be equipped how to live under Christ’s leadership; how to live by His life to do it and we learn this together as a body. So this means God, our Father is training us. He will allow things to happen the body to train us up in the way we should go so that we’ll learn to become the image and expression of His Son. 

In CHRIST’s body, there is only ONE LORD and ONE HEAD and ONE BODY.

Our calling and Christ’s hope is that WE’RE ONE BODY WITH ONE HEAD EXPRESSING ONE THING by His life and that’s-CHRIST.

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