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One Dream

Inception is a movie the Lord used to confirm and nudge me further to follow the feeling that there just had to be more of Him than what I had always known. In this post, I’m going to come at it from a different angle. In the movie, you fall asleep so you can enter the dream world from a different reality. But in the Lord’s world, we sleep in order to be woken up into His dream and reality. There are a couple of movie scenes at the end of this post. 

One Dream

There are different types of dreams. The dreams you have when you sleep and the dreams you think about coming true one day. I am going to refer to both in this post.

A big dream is the American dream which says I have the freedom to do and have anything I want if I work hard enough. We see it as our right to pursue this dream to have my life the way I want. Many people are drawn to America because of this dream.

A long time ago, God had a dream. A dream that he would create a being that could contain His life and that He would be a constant supply of Life to this created being.  This being would then be able to give visible expression to an invisible God. This expression would multiply and fill the earth. He had a dream that he would have children, a family, and a house. He would have a people and He would be their God. He still has this dream and we call it the eternal purpose.

But there was another one who had a dream. He had a dream to take God’s place as the most high. He too wanted an image and expression on the earth. And being that he could not create anything He stole humanity for himself so they could express his life. So he went about getting his dream through deception vs God going about fulfilling his dream with TRUTH.  When humanity fell, we began to dream satan’s dream which is the life we see in this world today. This life that says I want my life the way I want it. I want more fame, power, recognition, and money. All the systems of this world, even the religious system, are powered by this other life that deceived humanity long ago. So humanity has been pursuing the wrong dream. We’ve been asleep to God but awake to Satan.  

When we sleep we are completely unaware and really oblivious to our surroundings, right? When you actually are asleep you have no idea what is happening around you. For example, someone might say, did you hear that storm last night? You say no, I must have slept right through it. We are clueless as to what took place. The way I see it is that, to the Lord when we are dreaming the dream of satan, pursuing the dream of satan, unknowingly or knowingly, we are actually asleep to Christ. We are completely unaware of our surroundings. We have no clue that there is another dream we can dream and this dream is THE dream we were always meant to be apart of from eternity past. We need to be woken up from our spiritual sleep in order to see and experience the ONE dream and a different reality than the one we’ve always known and been shown.

In God’s dream, CHRIST is the center of everything. He is the Life, the source we live by in everything we do. He is where we find our meaning and purpose.  I am not only talking about our initial salvation. Because like with physical sleep we can fall back to sleep. We hit the snooze button so we can sleep just a little longer. We can fall back to sleep in the spiritual we hit the snooze button and begin to dream the dream of another. Or we think were are awake but we are really just sleepwalking. Where it appears we are awake but we are still completely unaware that we are truly asleep. This is when we need to be woken up again, reminded that there is only ONE DREAM one true reality, and this is CHRIST.  

For me, this is where the movie Inception played a big part in waking me up to the fact that there was another dream, another reality that exists. That I had a choice in which dream to take part in. Especially in the area of religion. I was that sleepwalker. I thought I was awake.

The dream that satan props up and perpetuates the system of religion with is you are a horrible lowly sinner and you’ll never amount to much unless you try harder and do more to please God. That is why almost every sermon we hear, songs we sing the bible studies we do are surrounded around the fact you are a sinner and you need to be reminded of this constantly.

Also because you are so low and continue to screw up God will never talk to you until you are perfect, so until then you need someone else to hear the things of God. So many people struggle saying God could never talk to me for a myriad of reasons.

There is also satan’s life infiltrating and powering the system of religion through power struggles, wanting to be famous,  make more money, to be bigger, and do more. The dream satan has is to keep us in this state of deception that the system of religion is what God has always wanted for his people. If he can continue to oppress us with deception then we will never know different thus keeping his dream alive. But we who believe are beginning to know different we feel it inwardly.

God uses inception to wake us up from our sleepwalking by placing the feeling of “There just has to be more” to what I am seeing and experiencing. This feeling and idea eats away at you, it drives you and sends you on a search until you find the More. At least it did for me anyway.


There are two scenes in the movie that spoke to me about this idea of being woken up to that fact that a new dream exists. The first is THE KICK. The kick is what’s required to wake someone up from a profoundly deep sleep. In the movie, it took many KICKS to wake someone up depending on how many “dreams within a dreams” they were participating in. I see this scene as the LORD’s KICK to wake us up from our spiritual sleep. Here is the clip:

The Kick

So now onto one of my favorite scene in the movie, watch this short clip.


“They come here every day to share the dream.” After awhile it becomes the only way you can dream.

Sato inquires: They come here every day to sleep?

The old man replies: No, they come here every day to be woken up. The dream has become their reality. Who are you to say other wise?

This is a powerful scene, “They come here every day to share the dream.” It did not say to dream but to share the dream. We share in the ONE DREAM, CHRIST. In Christ, there is only one dream, one reality and it is His. His dream and His reality is the only one that truly matters because it’s the only one that’s true. This dream, this reality exists and is only known in the spirit. Christ says so himself,  “But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him. God is Spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth.”(John4:23-24) The word truth here is also translated reality. Take note, this reality is NOW here, where we can actively participate in this new reality, this new dream but it all happens in our spirit because God and Christ are spirit. We dream the true dream in our spirits, that’s where it exists.

So I saw the people lying there “sleeping” as the ones sharing in the One dream, the one reality. They come there every day to take part in Christ’s dream and in doing so He shows them more and more His reality and truth and dream. But they have to fall asleep to the world’s dream and awake in the spirit in order to see and experience CHRIST’s DREAM. I saw all the sleepers as the ekklesia. All together with one vision, one purpose, one goal and that is to share in the ONE DREAM. And in doing so, the dream becomes their reality. And God says, who are you to say others wise. 

I also saw the sleeping as rest, the true rest God has provided in Christ. We can physically rest from our efforts to try harder and do more in order to please God. What pleases God is that we rest from our efforts in His Son . We call this rest abiding. We are abiding in the one dream and reality of Christ as our life our source.  And as we do it becomes more our dream and reality.

The guy says after a while  this is the only way they can dream. I see this as a transition from dreaming the old dream to dream the new dream. The dreams and things of this world grow strangely dim in the light of CHRIST and his dream. That we no longer can or want to dream the old dream. It becomes impossible to dream the old dream. So the only way we can dream now is to sleep, to abide in Christ. Now we can only dream his dream and it becomes the only dream that we want to dream.  

So it’s time to wake up to His dream!

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