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Once Was Me

Today’s post comes from a sister in Manteca, CA, named Lori Moreno. This poem beautifully expresses the journey Lori has been on with the Lord.


I once was me, doing what I please.

Living my life, but not with ease.

Trying to survive on my own

Taking care of me and feeling alone.

Anyone who hurt me or didn’t play my game,

Was easily left behind. I had no shame.


Then a man came along and held out his hand.

He sweetly called my name and softly said

“Let me take you away from this sinful life.

Come with me and I will make you my wife”

Abandoning my agenda and my strive to survive

I went to Him eagerly, ready to start my new life.


The change in me immediately began.

Many journeys we took even to foreign lands.

Sometimes I would resist, my flesh had an itch.

Dying daily killing that nasty witch.


He taught me love and wisdom. I became clay in his hands

I eagerly wanted to please my man and DO all I can.

An epic fail, the works I had done,

Again surrendering to the 3 in 1.


Then he introduced me to a woman so fare,

A glow in her eyes and a beauty so rare.

I desperately wanted to be her friend,

But afraid she would not want me and not wanting to pretend.


So tough I became and tested my way

To make sure I was going to be ok.

He bragged about her, this man I loved,

“Grace and Love she is led by a dove.”

I embraced her with wonder and hope,

That I too could break free from that institutional rope.


Then one day I wondered where she went,

I longed to be with her after all the time we spent.

I had a strange feeling. I couldn’t express,

I wasn’t alone and I wasn’t depressed.

I could sense her here but where could she be?

Then I passed by a mirror and there she be.


There she is but what can this be?

I am no longer a me. I became a we.


The bride of Christ so lovely and fair

She sparkles and glows and shines everywhere.

Her Groom is coming and oh what a day,

When they will marry and be on their way.

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3 Comment

  1. Reply
    Amanda Iosa
    December 2, 2014 at 8:48 am

    How incredibly beautiful! So glorious! Thank you for sharing this.
    Amanda Iosa recently posted…Please Don’t Give Me FlowersMy Profile

  2. Reply
    December 2, 2014 at 12:34 pm

    Loved this poem! Thank you Babiones for sharing this with all, and to Lori for allowing the Lord to express Himself through you. 🙂

  3. Reply
    kenneth dawson
    December 2, 2014 at 6:56 pm

    bless you for such a beautiful poem.

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