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On Getting the Mind of Christ

The other day, Bridget and I took the kiddos on a walk.  Well, Bridge and I walked, and the kiddos rode their bikes.  Obviously, the kiddos can pedal farther and faster than the parents can walk, so we let them go on ahead a ways and ride around us.  They are to stop at the end of the street till we get there and decide which way to go next.

This particular time, they were all congregating around the stop sign, and Bridge and I were bringing up the tail.  While we were still some distance away, one of the kiddos looked to us to see where to go next.  Bridge and I decided on a direction and signaled to the child which way to go.  He acknowledged that he understood and then took off in that direction.  The other children, knowing the rule to wait for the parents, started getting on to him.  They started complaining about him taking off, they griped at him, they told him the rules, and they told him to stop.  They didn’t stop to ask him if he had talked to us, they didn’t look back at us to see if we had told him to go that way, and they didn’t follow him.

Sounds a lot like the church, doesn’t it?  We think we know the rules, so we get to the place, stop, and wait for our authority (Christ, the Head) to show up.  All the while, we’re just talking among ourselves and not paying any attention to the One to whom we should be paying attention.  So, we don’t know if He is having us move on or not.  We’re just happy to be where we think we’re supposed to be and doing what we think we’re supposed to be doing.

Then, one of us will actually look to the Head, get the direction, and go without consulting anyone else.  The others, not looking to the Head themselves, will start to complain and tell that saint that he or she has got it all wrong and isn’t following the rules. That saint is trying to follow the Life not the rules, but the others aren’t having any of it.  They are content with following the rules and not staying focused on the Life.

Now, that saint (our child in the above situation) functioned selfishly, too.  Instead of encouraging the rest of the saints (his siblings) to seek the Head together to get the direction, he just took off.  He thought he discerned the mind of the Lord on his own and left.  How many lone ranger Christians are out there?  One is too many.  We are a corporate body.

So, to have it all over to do again, all the saints (our kiddos) would be paying attention to the Head (the parents).  They would be able to discern, as one body, the mind of Christ.  Then, they could act and move as one body.  If one saint fixes his eyes on Christ, then he encourages the others to do the same.  That saint doesn’t move separate from the body.  The body moves as one.  And there is unity.  And there is no bickering, arguing, finger-pointing, nor confusion.  The Body knows the Head together.

Don’t you just love the lessons the Lord can teach us through children?

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    November 10, 2015 at 3:50 pm

    What a wonderful illustration on the functioning of the Body and the importance of continously seeking the Lord together. I know I’ve been part of both, the group happily consumed with each other that we have missed what the Lord was doing elsewhere and the one to go off on his own forgetting that I was not called to be alone. Thanks

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    November 10, 2015 at 3:54 pm

    This is a great picture! I love that we’re called to pay attention to the Head but then also to encourage and spur on other members of the body in what the Head is saying. Thanks RC!
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