The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Love Letter

Dear Beloved Bride,

Do you know who you are? Listen. You know My voice. Hear My voice.

Do not be taken in by what the world sees when it looks at you. The world does not understand you—it cannot understand you. You know what the world sees: It sees a joke. It sees a slave. It sees a failure. It sees someone lost, someone confused. It sees someone weak, someone unlovable, someone unworthy. It sees a fool.

What I see when I look at you is who you really are. So what do I see?

I see what My Father sees. I see Myself. You see, you dwell inside of Me and yet I dwell inside of you. You are My expression in the physical realm. You are the continuation of My Father’s purpose on the earth.

Do you not see that you are my glory? My fullness?

So you are not a joke, but the carrier of Truth. You may be a slave to Me, but in that you live in real Freedom. You are not a failure, but an overcomer, for I have overcome all things. You are not lost as the world is, but found in the true Guide and Compass. You no longer need to be confused, for the father of lies and deception has no power over you. You may appear weak, but in your weakness is my Strength. Your lovability and worth is found in Me, and am I not Love and Worth? And you will always look like a fool to the world, but you are a fool for Me.

My darling one, don’t you know I want you? I have always wanted you. Since before the beginning, I wanted one to pour My life out onto, the same life the Father poured out on me. I found that one in you.

You were chosen for Me before time began. You are eternally joined to Me.

I know each of you by name and yet I see you as one. My bride, My fullness, My glory, My expression. And I want you to know Me as I know you. To know Me as Bridegroom, King, Savior, Brother, Teacher, Family, Friend, Lover—as Everything and All in All.

Don’t you know that you are dazzling? You radiate My Light. You are beautiful beyond description. I can’t take my eyes off of you. You enrapture Me. You have captivated My heart, My sister, My bride.

You are also blameless and holy. There is no flaw in you. You are a new creation, kind of My own kind. I adore you. You are My companion, My helpmeet, My beloved. My betrothal to you was the gladness of My heart.

How do I know you are these things? How can I be sure? Because My Father gave you to Me. Because I made you. Because I am these things. Because you came from Me. I carried you inside Me, a mystery waiting to be made known in time and space. And I died so you could come forth, and you died with Me. And I rose so you could live by My Life, and now you sit with Me in the heavenly places and manifest Me on earth.

You are Mine and I am yours. We are one and nothing can ever separate us. You are My bride and I am your Bridegroom. And we are a dwelling place for my Father forevermore.

That is who you are, My love. That is who you are.

Eternally yours,
The Bridegroom

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