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Living a Life of Miracles

Well, G’day from Australia 🙂

Well, currently my husband and I are in a transitional stage as we are preparing to depart from our area in New South Wales (NSW) on Boxing Day to travel across to the other side of the country and start living amongst a different body of believers there in Western Australia (WA). There are many arrangements to be made and there’s lots to do! And there are many folk we are wanting to connect with before leaving.

Now that there’s a countdown in regard to our available time here, how and with whom we spend every minute of it, has become vitally important. And we are both amazed at how God is orchestrating things to enable our last couple of months here to be spent on things that matter, especially to Him.

For example, a dear friend’s dad passed away three weeks ago. Although I had never met him, my friend asked me to speak at his funeral about his faith in Jesus because people didn’t know about it. I can’t begin to tell you the privilege and honour that that was for me. I attended another friend’s funeral just two weeks beforehand and saw how vital it is on such an occasion, to bring people’s attention to the matter of their eternity.

Childhood friends who I haven’t seen for a very long time, have met up with me and we have shared the Lord together in new and fresh ways. There has been an increase in time and joy together with Derek’s three children and our new daughter-in-law with our first grand-baby due to arrive in about three weeks.

When we first spoke to them six months ago about our decision to move, they were deeply distressed and disapproving of our decision, and we wondered if there would be any relationship with them at all.  So it is quite the miracle that we have had such wonderful times with them in recent months. Our times together have been just so lovely. And we see how the Lord has orchestrated moments where He has been shared, also in a new and fresh way.

Derek and I are really seeing the goodness of God at the moment as our providing Father, and we’re seeing His mysterious ways by which He leads His own – ways that we would never imagine or consider. Truly, this life is a miraculous life. He is meeting every need, whether it’s emotional, practical or financial and whatever else. We are truly finding this God of promise is indeed faithful to Himself and to His word.  We’re also seeing the incredible capacity of the Lord to prepare His own for whatever it is He is asking of them.

For instance, we are seeing Him preparing the body here, for change once we’ve gone. Since we are only a very small gathering of believers here, the absence of two, even one, makes a huge difference. So we all anticipate things to be quite different here for the group after Derek and I leave. But you know, God is so all over everything. He has sooo got everything sorted. He’s before, in the middle, and the end – it’s all His.

Some in the group here have spoken of their belief that God wants to take them through this new phase and that it will be important learning for them, in knowing Him more deeply. So they are embracing this transitional stage for the church, in great faith. One dear sister organised a combined gathering for our group with the saints from Newcastle & Charlestown (about an hour north of us). So this coming weekend we will meet together and focus and share on the theme of ‘Christ as our Food’.

There is another couple joining us from Sydney for this combined meeting as they travel through the area on their way home from holidays. We met this couple at the Organic Church conference in 2012 when we all met for the first time and out of which these groups were formed.  This couple just happened to be driving through the area on the very same day the combined meeting was arranged for. God is cool, huh?

On a practical level, the Lord has seen to it that almost all of our larger household items have been sold and so our expenses for our drive across the country are being met with this money. Derek was not looking forward to saying goodbye to the bed as his sleep is something he really looks forward to at the end of a hard day’s work 🙂 . However, we need the money now rather than later and so it was coming down in order to go out for sale at the garage sale last weekend.

Feeling for Derek, knowing he works so hard, I asked the Lord if He had any other alternative regarding the bed situation, that He would cause it to be. That week my sister and I caught up with a girlfriend we haven’t seen for a good number of years.  She informed us that she is building a Bed & Breakfast and needs to furnish the cabins which won’t be ready till about December. She offered to buy our bedroom suite, pay for it now, but pick it up when we are moving. See how awesome God our Provider is? He is so clever.

All in all, God is continuing to reveal His Son in us and in His people around us. Our hearts are encouraged and strengthened in the body, whether here on the Coast or in WA or in other countries, with whom we have contact. Truly our God is amazing. Truly He is faithful. Truly He is able. And truly, this Christ is enormous!

Our God is an awesome God.  He reigns from heaven above, with wisdom, power & love. Our God is an awesome God.

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  1. Reply
    October 11, 2016 at 8:15 am

    Such wonderful encouragement! Yes, we live the Life of miracles. We serve an awesome God!
    BRIDGET BABIONE recently posted…The Simplest Way to Save Money on GroceriesMy Profile

  2. Reply
    October 11, 2016 at 8:36 am

    “He’s before, in the middle, and the end – it’s all His.”

    So true!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Reply
    Milt Rodriguez
    October 11, 2016 at 9:40 am

    Thanks Donna for sharing that story! Yes! What an awesome God we have. Love, miss, and are praying for you guys!

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