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Listen to the Bride Sing

This song, titled Love Song, originally performed by The Cure, and later sung by Adele is what I imagine the One Bride would sing to her Groom.

Whenever I’m alone with you I am whole again, free again, young (new) again, home again!

Truly, our home and identity is found as we come together as one bride to be alone with our Groom.

Give it a listen. In the comments feel free to add a song you would imagine the One Bride singing.

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Photo Credit: Ashish Roach original drawing

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    April 21, 2017 at 11:08 am

    Beautiful sentiments from our Groom! ….. Brought tears to my eyes today❤️
    I don’t like the WordPress set up
    …I never can ‘like’ anything there for all the commotion to have to ‘get there’…. But I’m glad to leave a comment here on these beautiful blogs. Especially this one.

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