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Letting God Set Our RAS

My summer school post is part 2 of the RAS series-Letting God set our RAS and how he practically resets it. If you have not read part one, I invite you to read it now, God Thinks of Everything.

God’s RAS is set to Christ

God’s RAS is set to only ONE thing, HIS SON! He has set His filter to receive only input from and about His Son. His Son is the center of His universe. Everything God has done, is doing, and will do is centered and focused on His Son. His Son is His eternal purpose, and His Son is what caused Him to create everything in the heavens and on earth. God created everything in, through, by and FOR Christ. He is in the business of increasing and making His Son the ALL in ALL.

God Resetting our RAS

If God’s RAS is set to Christ then He is going to set ours to Him as well. We can call this the renewing of our minds. A renewing that sees Christ as God sees Him-as His all in all, everything, and purpose.

Moving from Things to a Person

So much of our christian walk has been set to the things of OR about Christ and not the person of Christ. There is a significantly vast difference between the things about Christ and Christ Himself. This can hinder us from setting our RAS to Christ.

It’s like seeing a picture of an apple versus the apple itself OR reading a letter all about a person versus meeting them in person.

It’s like seeking the spiritual gifts verses knowing Christ the Gift and Giver Himself.  Or seeking healing verses knowing the Healer. These things apart from Christ Himself are nothing and empty. He is the source and reality of any THING we could be chasing after.

When the things of Christ are separated from the person of Christ they become distorted, misused, and abused. We can ask God to show us areas where we might be relying on or seeing a thing and not Christ Himself. Only He knows our heart. He is always thrilled and eager to reveal His Son to us! When the Lord moves us from the things of Christ to the Person of Christ we can begin see Him as God sees Him.

There is a beautiful song that speaks beautifully about the moving from things to a person: Once it was the Blessing

God Is Practical

God has a very practical way of resetting our RAS to CHRIST; it is called beholding. There are several verses exhorting us to set our mind on things above in the heavenlies where Christ is and we are seated. We are also to fix our eyes on Jesus who is the author and perfecter of our faith. We all with unveiled faces beholding as in a mirror are being transformed/renewed into the image of Christ from glory to glory.  When we behold Christ it is at that moment that the veil is removed and we can begin to recognize that He is a living, personal presence within us.

We behold, intently gaze upon the person who is living within us, and we do this by setting our minds to turn to Him. As we keep turning to and beholding the indwelling Christ, we are allowing God to reset our RAS to His RAS, and the outcome is our minds renewed and we are transformed.

Getting Started

You can get started by taking a few minutes every morning to turn to Christ who is dwelling within your spirit. Upon waking in the morning, while you’re still in bed, turn to and set your mind to Christ. This takes an act of your will to chose to turn and set.

Your thoughts may wander at first and that’s okay; as you notice them, wandering gently turn them back to Christ. A good way to help redirect your mind is to simply call on Him by saying, “Jesus”. Your mind cannot fully think two things at once, so calling on His name will help redirect your mind to looking at and gazing upon Christ.

This is not an emptying of the mind, but a turning of the mind to Christ, and along with it our emotions and will so they may be filled with Him. You are just spending time with Him that’s all. It will seem like nothing is happening, and that is ok. We don’t rely on our feelings when we come to the Lord this way. We trust that as we continue to turn to Him that He knows how to take us into His presence and keep us there.

As you continue to behold him in the mornings then try to extend it to throughout the day. Sometimes you can use triggers to help you turn to Him, like every time you look at the clock, your phone, or stopped at a red light. Take that opportunity to turn to Christ, even if at first it’s just for a few minutes. As you go along with this you will begin to see Him in ways you never imagined. You begin to see Him in places and in circumstances you didn’t before and experience His presence in and through them. Your RAS is being reset to receive and see CHRIST!! Notice it is God who is doing the work of resetting our RAS.  We just turn to and set our mind on CHRIST and enjoy Him.

If you would like to know more about beholding or communing with your indwelling Lord, a great book to start with is The Temple Within by Milt Rodriguez. It goes more in depth on beholding, exploring the Temple, who is Christ, within every believer.

A book by Jeanne Guyon called Experiencing the Depths of Christ is another excellent resource for anyone wanting to learn to fellowship with the living person of Christ within.

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