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It Takes Time

We’ve codified our existence to bring it down to human size to make it comprehensible. Created a scale to forget its unfathomable scale. -Lucy

Time can be a tricky thing for us humans. Time is something we can all relate to: it’s either too fast, too slow, or a taskmaster. We can have too much or too little. We wait to hear an answer from a job interview, or test results, or from God. Depending on our current circumstances, whether good or bad, we may want time to hurry up or last forever. In my experience, I generally want things to hurry up. Then I saw the movie Lucy. There’s a clip that reframed time. It help me appreciate time more in light of Christ. Why is there such a thing as time?

Watch the clip then I’ll explain what I saw of Christ.

Lucy-Time is the only unit of measure

The Invisible Made Visible

Lucy explained that if you speed up a physical thing to an infinite degree, that thing disappears. I’m no scientist, so I cannot say if what she’s saying is right, but what I can say is that I saw Christ.

In the reverse, if you slow down an object moving at an infinite speed, say a person, they can become visible. How do you slow it down? By placing it in the constraints of time. I only know one person who is infinite, and that’s Christ. So if He’s an infinite being, He is unseen, too. He’s constantly moving at an infinite speed, so we’re unable to see Him with the naked eye.


But if humans are not the units of measure, what governs everything? Good question!

As humans, we have brought down things to our level and made us the center of all things.

There is only one person who is the center of all things.

We’ve created a human scale which has made us forget His unfathomable scale.

There is only one person who is unfathomable, it’s Christ.

We’ve juiced Him down to our size, so we can comprehend Him, but this makes us forget his unfathomableness. Even Paul recognized His unfathomableness when he said, to preach the unsearchable, endless, vast riches of Christ.

Inside Christ, ALL things, ALL things, ALL things were created, in the heavens and on the earth, the visible and the invisible, whether thrones or lordships, or rulers or authorities; ALL things have been created through Him and for Him. Christ is ALL and IN ALL and ALL things are held together INSIDE Him. To be able to see what governs everything we need to begin with Christ, and He uses time to show us.

Christ is infinite and eternal, having no beginning or end. What happens if you take the infinite Christ and slow Him down? He becomes visible. How does Christ do this? He creates time. Time is created BY, IN, THROUGH and FOR Christ. Time is inside Christ, He is the Alpha and Omega and everything in between. Time is a person, Christ. Why did Christ create time? So we could know Him and see how He is in ALL things.

He’s so vast, gigantic, unfathomable that He needs an entire universe to reveal and display His grandeur. We also need time in order to see an invisible, infinite, limitless, never-ending, unbounded Christ. Christ lovingly uses the construct of time and slows Himself, so we can see and know Him, WOW!

Time is for us to see, know and make Christ visible.

Practically speaking, how does this work? How does Christ use time to reveal Himself? I’ll give you a couple of examples, but there are many. One example is in the physical world around us, and the other is through our circumstances.

To Be Seen – Christ in Nature

Let’s use nature as an example. So Christ takes a characteristic of Himself and slows it down by placing it in time, in order for us to see it. When he does this, it looks like a tree, or river, the sun, or a flower – the list is endless.  To further explain, there are many types of trees. In general, when I think of a tree, what I see of Christ is strength, steadfastness, and shade for rest. A particular example is a cedar tree. Its smell is pleasing and its fragrance will fill any room, so also is Christ, He is the sweet aroma. Cedar wood can be used to line closets or chests to prevent decay or rot and repels insects. Like the cedar, Christ is eternal and will never fall to decay or rot. He is eternal. If it’s a fruit tree, I see him as a source of nourishment. Like a peach tree, a peach is sweet and juicy; so is Christ. When I eat the peach, I can take in the reality and enjoy that Christ is sweet and juicy to eat. These are just a few ideas of what can be seen in creation that describe His nature. Thank God for the creation of time, so we can see and know an infinite Christ!

To Be Known – Christ in Our Circumstances

This also changes my idea of time with how long things can seem to take. It takes time to know Christ in more than one way.  If my one and only purpose is to see and know Christ, then thank God for time. For instance, if I’m in uncomfortable circumstances which show no signs of letting up, I usually want to get out of them quickly. I can feel constrained or squeezed by my circumstances. But if my soul purpose is to see and know more of Christ, and the situation isn’t changing quickly enough for my taste, then He must be revealing more of Himself to me.  It can take time for me to see Him in my circumstances.

So He takes an aspect of Himself, slows it down, and places it in time through our circumstance. This then looks like peace, love, long suffering, gentleness, and kindness, and so on, because that is the portion of His life He is giving me to live by to get through my current circumstances. Living by His life, I can come know Him in an experiential way.

It takes Time to See and Know Christ. We have now and all of eternity, together, with Christ in which to get to know each other.

Heard this song on Pandora while writing this post, and it seemed appropriate.

Frank Sinatra-Nice n’ Easy

Let’s take it nice and easy

It’s gonna be so easy

For us to fall in Love

Hey baby what’s your hurry

Relax and don’t you worry

Were gonna fall in love

Were on the road to romance – that’s safe to say

But let’s make all the stops along the way

The problem now of course is

To simply hold your horses

To rush would be a crime

‘Cause nice and easy does it every time

See Christ in a favorite or obscure movie? Wanna tell us about it? Please do!

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    March 17, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Carrie, this is awesome! How profound! Wow, that’s fantastic to see how Christ has slowed Himself down so He can be seen and experienced in our time-frame – the reference to His life appearing as endurance, long suffering, etc in circumstances for the sake of revealing Himself – just wonderful. Thank you sister! I would never have seen this!
    Donna recently posted…Seeing Christ in the movie “Far From The Madding Crowd”My Profile

    1. Reply
      Carrie Walters
      March 17, 2016 at 5:46 pm

      I know isn’t so much fun disovering more of Christ!

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