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Introducing: Tent and Altar

In case you haven’t noticed, I haven’t been very active here at 3rdRace.org lately. Not only because I started working outside the home fulltime in January, but also because I have been spending my blogging energy on my personal blog.

Some of y’all are familiar with Love, Bridget. However, after taking a blogging break in July, I have now rebranded my blog and the new name is…

Tent and Altar

Kinda gave that one away in the title of this post, huh?

I’m eager to get going with things on my blog again because I have a much clearer sense of purpose for the blog now, and feel more confident in sharing openly in ways I haven’t before due to fear. The Lord has been prompting me to step outside my own comfort and preferences and give Him the opportunity to do what only He can do: HANDLE IT.

I’m starting a podcast series and in the first episode I’m explaining why I’m rebranding the blog and how I came to choose the name “Tent and Altar”. I also have a video tour of our home here in Austin up, including our small garden that we’ve got going on outside. I hope you’ll come visit and I look forward to meeting y’all there.

*I’ll be sticking around here some too, though. You can’t get rid of me that easy. 😉

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