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I Love Mondays


Ok, so technically it’s Tuesday, but I’m writing this on Monday so it counts. I’m one of those rare birds that loves Mondays. It is one of my most productive days.

I’m sure that it’s really more that I love beginnings. A fresh start. Back in the day when wearing a certain size, or weighing a certain amount mattered to me, I would always begin my diet on Monday. If I fell off the diet wagon throughout the week, I didn’t get back on it till Monday. I love Mondays. (but not diets)

Suffice it to say, I’m really excited about a new beginning for 3rdRace.org. In case you didn’t notice, our header has a new tag line. That’s because we are starting a new season here on the blog. We have rounded up six contributors, of which R.C. and I are two, that are going to be posting to the blog monthly. We will also be having guest posts a couple times a month so we will be posting Christ-focused content regularly once again. You can expect to find someone home here at 3rdRace.org every Tuesday and Thursday.

If you’ve been reading the blog for a while, you’ve already met all the contributors. Thomas has posted lots of great stuff, and is here in Texas planting a church with us. Carrie has posted here and helped out with the Abide in Christ project. You can hear some podcasts she and I did together here (they are the Abide in Christ ones). Carrie and her family are currently out in California with Milt and Mary Rodriguez continuing their church planting training. Floshea (Shea for short) has shared with us here. Shea and her family spent four years in Gainesville with us, and are now back in her husband’s hometown of Philly, PA. And last but not least, Tim, who very recently shared here. Tim lives near Tucson, Arizona. We met Tim virtually through 3rdRace.org and then got to meet him in real life on our way to Oklahoma leaving California. Tim is an engineer by day and a seer of Christ in all things.

Each of the monthly contributors has a unique voice and way of sharing the Lord. I am super excited to see more and more of the Lord through our growing community. And as always, we all value and appreciate when our readers contribute their portion of the Lord through the comments as well, or ask questions if things are unclear.

So, here’s to Mondays and beginnings. Thanks for joining us here and we trust that this new season will bless you as much as it is already blessing us. We are all really excited to see what the Lord is up to.

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    November 3, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    Great stuff saints! Looking forward to it very much 🙂

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