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I Encourage You to Judge Your Brothers and Sisters

I especially encourage you to judge them completely and constantly.

Now, some of you might be thinking:



Doesn’t Jesus tell us to not judge others, for with the measure we use to judge them, that is the measure we will be judged by? (Matt 7:1-2, Luke 6:37, John 7:24, John 8:15-16)

And to that I say, EXACTLY.

Judge them as completely accepted in Jesus Christ. Judge them as precious and immensely valuable to the King of all Creation. Judge them as necessary to the expression of Christ and the Church. Judge them as better than yourself.

And especially judge them constantly.

When a brother or sister sins against you, judge them completely accepted in Jesus Christ. When a brother or sister fails or offends you, judge them precious and immensely valuable to the King of all creation. When a brother or sister seems to always hinder what you believe to be the Lord’s will, judge them a necessary part of Christ and His Church. When a brother or sister doesn’t seem to see what you have seen of the Lord, judge them better (or more valuable) than yourself.

Be lavish and extravagant in your judgements. Be liberal and abundant. Because you see, judging our brothers and sisters in Christ doesn’t mean we aren’t aware of their shortcomings, faults, even sins. It means that we are looking at eternity instead. It means we are taking a heavenly perspective. While in the here and now no one fully walks in the wholeness Christ offers, we are offering more and more of that wholeness to others by judging them by the True Reality. And in return, we are receiving more and more of that wholeness ourselves.

Does this mean we ignore their faults and sins? Actually, most of the time, yes. MOST. OF. THE. TIME. YES. We trust the indwelling Lord to reveal and convict. Occasionally, and I seriously mean occasionally (as in not very often), we are called upon by the Lord to speak to a situation where a brother or sister is stuck in something and the Lord is working them out of it, or working it out of them. But you will know it is the Lord asking this of you if 1. it actually pains you to say something, and 2. you can judge them completely and constantly IN CHRIST first. If you can see beyond the here and now, the struggle inside space and time, and keep focused on their and your True Reality.

A member of Jesus Christ, Himself.

So go on, judge away…

…and don’t forget to judge yourself, too. 😉

Featured Image Credit: “Gavel” by Flickr user afsart (cc)

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    This is fantastic sister! Thank you!

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