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I am thankful for a Lord who is more concerned with His Purpose than I could ever be. Who is a Master Architect, building His house with living stones right here, right now. Psalm 127:1 -Bridget

I am most thankful for the leading of the Lord. I don’t mean that in a vague or abstract way, but rather a very concrete and specific way. There have been many times in my life where I’ve had to make a decision to go down one path or another, and each of these times He has directed me in an understandable way (mixed with faith built from experience, mind you) such that one path becomes the obvious choice. This hasn’t made things easy (far from it!) from an emotional, social, or financial perspective, but rather from a spiritual vantage point. Knowing that the major decisions of my life were enacted in harmony with His direction is the most comforting thing a person will ever know. Spirituality in our society has connotations of mysticality and vagueness, but that was NEVER God’s intention!!!! Spirituality is as concrete as paying the bills, doing the laundry, or any other function of life. -Thomas

In this season of life, I am especially thankful to be able to entrust every part of my life to the Lord for Him to increase His life within. I give thanks for His grace and desire to have Himself fill all things in me. -Floshea

I’m thankful, Lord, that You’ve invited me to experience and participate in Your life, for the increase of You, for the enlargement of the expression of the Triune dance to a fourth.  I’m thankful for the adventure of the New Life, of seeing the kingdom of You in the realm of the heavenly.

I’m thankful to be living in the day when the voice of the watchman is declaring and imploring, pursuing and exploring, the infinite dimensions of the increased Christ: a glorious unveiling that is impassioning the bride to new depths of love in and for and by and to You that is confounding Egypt, Babylon, and the principalities and powers in heavenly places. I’m thankful, Lord, that You’ve inspired those in the body that are so passionate for the increase they have given up comfortable lives to become nomads, a people of the tent, trumpeting the wakeup call. I’m thankful You’ve given them eyes to see, and ears to hear and understand Your work in the transformational season, and yet are balanced to transcend the temporal and live outside time in the “finished” realm of You: that their vision is clear and impassioned to see and articulate You in fullness.

Thank You that I can be a witness of this day, in the temporal, of the awakening of Your sleeping body:  a day of knowing and understanding You as Resurrection, New Birth, and the eternal dawning of a New Day.  I’m thankful to witness and participate in the unveiling of the ancient reality of the New Adam, the New Race, the 3rdRace: You. -Tim

I am thankful for having a loving husband and three wonderful boys. They teach me more everyday how to live by the Lord’s life. I am thankful to cook one large Thanksgiving meal and it last for days. Isaiah says he’s thankful to have good friends. Elijah says he’s thankful for having a lot of whip cream for his pumpkin pie and eggnog. Noah says he is thankful for his family, and Andrew says he is thankful for his family, too. -Carrie

Thank You, Lord, for all You are, all You ever have been, and all You ever will be. Thank You for my wife, a partner on this journey of You. Thank You for our kiddos, expressions and reminders of You. Thank You for our home and a vehicle to pull it on this adventure of You. Thank You for Your home, Your bride, Your family, Your Church. Open our eyes to see more of You, Lord. You are so big; we can’t even fathom half of all You are. Thank You for You. -R.C.

Who or what evokes an attitude of gratitude in you, dear reader? We’d like to hear from you. May Christ increase in you and your family this and every day.



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