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God thinks of Everything

Watch the video then read what I saw of CHRIST!

The video gives examples of how we can change our thought life, but there are other ways we’ve experienced our RAS (Reticular Activating System) functioning for us.


Set to an Object

We’ve all experienced this phenomena caused by this little part of our brain. Say you’re looking to buy a new car. You narrow down your search to one car. You research this car, maybe even go test drive one. But something interesting begins to happen: as you are considering this purchase, you start to notice this car everywhere you go. Driving to the grocery store, out on the freeway, or wherever you are out and about, you begin seeing this particular car everywhere.  But up until this point you never notice this car before, but now after setting your mind on it, you can see it everywhere. They were everywhere before, but now you see them all the time.

Set to a Season of Life

It is usually set to what is important to us at the time. What is important to us can be found by what we are focusing on the most. What gets most of our attention. This could be set to our current season of life, whether we are getting married, having our first child, raising children, or growing older. All you can see is information pertaining to that season. Every one is getting married, you see wedding stuff every where. Or if your having your first child, you discover Baby’s R Us. You never paid attention to that store before, and all the books or websites you see now are on pregnancy and childbirth. Once we have passed through that season, then we reset it for the next season. And the things of the former season are no longer of interest to us as they once were.

GOD Thinks of Everything

The RAS will show us what we want to see, and almost create a new reality. Christ is our reality now. Imagine if we allow God to set our RAS to CHRIST. If God is allowed to reset it to His Son, then we’ll begin to see HIS Son as He see’s Him – HIS EVERYTHING. Then we’ll begin to see Christ everywhere, especially in places we never thought of looking. SO just like the car example, Christ starts to pop up everywhere, and our eyes are opened to how He has always been all around us. Imagine all the possibilities!

This will be a two part post. Next month I’ll talk about how we can practically cooperate with the Lord in setting our RAS to HIS Son, and how it is a way our minds are renewed.

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  1. […] the video Carrie posted before you read […]

  2. […] My summer school post is part 2 of the RAS series-Letting God set our RAS and how he practically resets it. If you have not read part one, I invite you to read it now, God Thinks of Everything. […]

  3. […] My RAS is being set to Christ more and more, and I can’t help but see Him in this drink. He is the reality of the sugar cube, because He is sweet to the taste and oh, so good. The bitters remind me of the cross that I take up daily to live by Christ’s life; it may be bitter to my taste (my life), but it adds to the overall flavor and experience of walking with Him. Christ is the True and Living Water. Muddling reminds me of the cross again, but this time in a 2 Corinthians 4:8* sort of way. The whiskey is a strong drink, and Christ is the True Drink – also strong and, quite frankly, not to everyone’s taste. Again, the ice is a reminder of Christ as the Living Water, now enjoyed in another of a myriad of ways. The Cointreau is a picture of Christ in that He is the reality of all flavors – sweet, savory, bitter, spicy, etc. – and we taste and see that He is good. […]

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