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God Forgive Me


The recent events in Charleston, SC, have weighed on me. Typically when there is a mass shooting, I take note of it and move on. It doesn’t emotionally affect me or anything. However this one is different, and I’ve been following reactionary blogs, news casts, FB posts, etc more than usual.

This blog post is NOT about the different arguments for guns, racial inequities, or general savageness of our culture.

It’s about stepping into true Reality…

What frustrates me the most in cultural dialogue is the lack of acknowledgement of the opposing views narrative. Whether it’s the mass shootings, racist (or supposedly racist) policies, or even the conflict for land between Jews and Arabs in Palestine, there is a constant list of talking points and factoids that people throw up like darts to show their position is the most valid.

It’s exhausting.

I don’t get involved in these debates, because usually people don’t want to change but rather just change others, and I don’t have the energy for the exchange. So I hold to my view that people in general need to be more humble and realize their vantage point on life is limited and that they are not an all-knowing God. Ironically, cohabitating with my frustrations at humanity in general comes a subtle, but very real, arrogance in the idea that “my views are the most righteous and I’m right.” In other words, I commit the same sin…

Even worse and more damaging, I do this to my best friend…

In sitting with Jesus on this, I got the thought that He was thinking “imagine how I feel.” In other words, I/we frequently do not acknowledge HIS narrative, HIS side of the story, HIS views of Reality (He IS Reality for crying out loud). Every time I worry about money, I’m putting my narrative above His; every time I fear for my physical health, I’m denying His narrative; every time I feel self-righteous, I’m denying Him/True Reality.

God, forgive me.

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    Kenneth Dawson
    June 23, 2015 at 7:08 pm

    I think that article is right on–Gods constant narrative to me is–shut up and start learning how to listen and then watch.

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