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Date with the All in All

This month we are talking about ways to have “dates with Jesus” that are outside the norm. As we walk deeper into the life of Christ, the verse describing him as the All in All becomes a very real reality. I want to expand your idea of dates with Jesus and set the stage for the “date with Jesus” I want to share with you all. He is a real an living person.

Expanding Christ- the All in All

Not sure if you picked up on the subtle enormity of this small phrase, the All in All as He is described in Col 3:11. Christ is ALL. Who is this ALL? Well, what comes to mind when beginning to know Christ as all, are two words: I AM. The Great I AM is what encompasses the Great ALL. The Great ALL is the Great I AM. So the Great ALL is a person who we can see expressed through the Great I AM. To know the Great I AM is the beginning to knowing Christ as the Great ALL.

Here is a list that I started just off the top of my head but it goes on for eternity because He is ALL. I am sure you could add to my list.

I am Provision
I am Divine Life
I am Righteousness
I am the Tree of Life
I am Holiness
I am Boldness
I am Grace
I am Confidence
I am Faithfulness
I am The Mystery
I am the Image of God
I am Humility
I am the Word
I am Gentleness
I am the Light of the world
I am Patience
I am the Living water
I am Tolerance
I am the Bread of life
I am Diligent
I am Blameless
I am Unity
I am Life
I am the Body
I am the Temple
I am the Ekklesia
I am Eternal Life
I am the Gift…..ect

Just so we’re clear, God called Himself the I AM when He answered Moses as to who was sending him to Pharaoh. Skip a few years ahead, Jesus was the visible image of the invisible God. Jesus is the human expression and embodiment of the Great I AM. Through his death, resurrection, and ascension He became a life giving spirit. After His ascension, Christ, in the person of the spirit, is able to dispensed Himself into humanity. Christ is still the visible image of an invisible God, His name is Ekklesia. The Great I AM, the Great ALL, is in human form again as seen in and through His many-membered body. The Great I AM, the Great ALL, is in us. It is and always will be a corporate endeavor to know, experience and express the Great I AM, who is the Great ALL. This is important to keep in mind when we go on dates with JESUS CHRIST who is the Great I AM, the Great ALL.

I, as an individual believer, will never be able to competently and/or fully know, experience or express, the Great I AM, the Great ALL, entirely by myself. It takes a body.

Keep that thought in mind as I begin to unpack a little the second part of that enormous phrase, IN ALL. There’s a saying, “You’ll find what you’re looking for.” This is vital when we ponder the, Great IN ALL. If you are looking for the Great I AM, the Great ALL, you’ll find Him in ALL things. He’s in your circumstances, all of them good or bad, your relationships, your brothers and sisters in Christ, your workplace, nature, etc. You can find Him IN ALL things.

This blows the door wide open for us when it comes to going on dates with Jesus. If we can find, the Great I AM, the Great ALL, IN ALL things, then there are a myriad of dates to go on with the Lord, individually or together with another saint or two. He is a person who can be found in all things.

My Date with Jesus

This leads me to my “date with Jesus” I want to share with you today. This will be giving away my age a little, but do any of you remember when you were “dating” someone in middle or high school, you would record a mix tape full of love songs and give it to them? The radio would play on weekday evenings or on Sundays, the  current top 10 or 20 songs. I remember sitting listening to the songs with the express purpose to record a mix tape for my boyfriend, who is now my husband of 21 years, by the way:)

I would put my tape in my radio/tape recorder and wait for the song I wanted to play, so I could record it. Then when my tape was complete, I would give it to my boyfriend along with a letter expressing my feelings for him. As I would record the songs, I would set my mind on him, thinking about him and how much in love we were with each other. Also how much I loved spending time with him and I missed him when we were apart. He would record a tape for me, too. I remember how excited I was to get a tape from him. I would listen to that tape over and over, and it would set my mind on him, thinking of him and his love for me. Listening to the mix tape was a way to spend time with him in my heart. Those songs became our love songs to each other. They reminded us of each other and our love for one another.

I don’t know if you know it, but we are a part of the bride of Christ and He is our groom. ALL the relationships we see or experience pale in comparison to the love relationship we all have with our groom. We are in the greatest love affair of all eternity!! Do you know how loving Christ is, that he would become our ALL and put himself in ALL things so we have a constant reminder of him everywhere we go? WOW! The Great All has left love notes in All things so we can set our mind on him and our love for each other. That is what a date is: it’s taking the time to spend with your love. You set your mind on them, all of who you are is present with them, and you give them your time.

SOOO with all this in mind, the body I am apart of had an idea one time, where each of us brings a song we see Christ in and share it with everyone. Because Christ is the ALL in ALL, we could bring any song that we saw Christ, his nature, character or his eternal purpose expressed in. There were 25-30 people in that meeting and just about everyone had a song. After hearing all the songs, every time after that, when that would song came on the radio, it would trigger us turn to and set our minds on Christ and the portion that was revealed of Him through that song. The sisters also made a mix CD of the songs so we could listen to them. This was a mix tape that our Lord, as expressed through the sisters, gave to His bride. As we would sit and listen to the songs, we would set our minds on Him, how much He was in love with us and we with Him. Listening to the songs was a way to spend time with Jesus, go on a date with Him in our hearts.

You might say well I know that and it is something that I even do myself. But have you done it, gone on a “date with Jesus” being with another saint or several saints? What you experience with the Lord in your time with Him is only a small drop of what you can experience and know of Him when we are finding Him and knowing Him in all things then expressing Him together. Christ becomes 3D, there is more depth and layers to Him that you can not see on your own.

You’ll notice most of these songs could be labeled “secular,” but remember, you find what your looking for, so look for Christ and you’ll find Him. If He is the ALL in ALL then you can find him in just about anything.

Here is a sample of the songs the sisters in the group I’m apart of found Christ in,

  • “So Good to Me” by Chris Malinchak
  • “We Found Love” by Rihanna
  • “Titanium” by David Guetta and Sia
  • “How to Love” by Lil Wayne
  • “Mirrors” by Justin Timberlake
  • “Let It Go” by Demi Lovato
  • “I Think about You” by Ross Lynch
  • Little Things” by One Direction
  • “All of Me” by John Legend
  • “This Gift Glen” by Hansard
  • “Pure Imagination” by Gene Wilder
  • “Wedding Song” by Peter, Paul and Mary
  • “Love Ain’t Gonna Let you Down” by Jamie Cullum
  • “I Want to Spend My Lifetime Loving You” from The Mask of Zorro

Here is a sample of my current mix tape of love songs with the Lord. Every song has something he is speaking to me or me to him.

“Love Shack” – B-52s

“I Melt with You” – Modern English

“Faithfully” – Journey

“Mad about You” – Belinda Carlisle

“Feeling Good” – Michael Buble version

“Mirrors” – Justin Timberlake

“All of Me” – John Legend

“Home” – Phillip Phillips

I encourage you to take time with the Lord and make a mix tape of your own. Then I challenge you to share it with a saint or two. They might see something of the Lord in the a particular song that you haven’t seen before. Also if you feel led, leave a song in the comments that reveals Christ. It can reveal His nature, character, the eternal purpose, His love for us and ours for Him. Whatever you like. If we can get enough songs then maybe we can make them available to share it with all the readers who want them.

Love y’all and happy dating!!

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  1. Reply
    R.C. Babione
    May 19, 2016 at 3:32 pm

    I remember making mix tapes. Oh, how I would stay up just to hear certain songs! I had never really thought about a mix tape for/with the Lord, though I love the concept. I may try putting together some songs and see what the Lord has in store.

    Thanks for the practical idea, sister!

    1. Reply
      Carrie Walters
      May 21, 2016 at 12:13 pm

      Oh your showing your age too :). Happy mixing!

  2. Reply
    May 19, 2016 at 5:17 pm

    Hi Carrie, this was great! How much fun and how beautiful that was to share all those songs to hold in your/our hearts with our Lover! Here’s my favouritest in the whole world, “This Guy’s In Love With You” by Burt Bacarach – if you’re happy to post it- enjoy!
    Donna recently posted…What is The Revelation of Jesus Christ?My Profile

    1. Reply
      Carrie Walters
      May 21, 2016 at 12:05 pm

      Loved this song thanks for sharing. I liked seeing Christ as the man who is that vulnerable place, waiting in anticipation to see if she loves him too.

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