The Eternal Purpose

Christ our Bridegroom

Jesus is the Bridegroom waiting patiently for His bride. He has prepared for her a home in His Father’s house. He is making her ready for Himself.

He has called for the tailor to make her gown. He adorns her bridal gown with precious jewels, sparkling gems, and diamonds. He has made her gown white as the whitest snow and spotless without wrinkle. He longs for the day when, face to face, He removes her veil and she sees Him as He really is.

He has paid His dowry for her by dying for her, giving up His life and shedding His blood. Pouring His blood out as a living sacrificial Lamb. By His blood she has been purified and made pure for Him. She is holy as He is holy.

As He prepares for the wedding of the Lamb, He has sent out all the invitations. His Spirit has delivered them throughout the land. He has prepared a feast for celebration like has never been seen before.

He has prepared the heavenly orchestra with music for the bridal waltz when He will hold her in His arms before all the realms and dance with her upon the stars that He made to reflect the jewels on her gown.

And He waits now in anticipation. As He stands at the altar His heart skips a beat each time He hears her name.

At last! At last! The two shall become fully one. A holy consummation of the Marriage of all marriages. Forever entwined and captivated by each other as together they declare the Father’s glory.

Oh joy of all joys belongs to God the Father! His Son has a wife! His house is complete! It’s the Bridegroom and His Bride betrothed from of old, united forever.

King Jesus You’re our Bridegroom, so handsome and strong. You’re dressed in Your royal robes and crowned in glory. Weak at the knees, weak with love and surrender, we walk toward You, listening for You, and running after You.

You have stolen our hearts forever our Lord. No one and nothing can ever in all eternity compare with You. Your cheeks are ruddy, Your arms are strong. Your eyes pierce through the darkness.

You have captivated us. We will take You as our Husband. You will take us as Your wife. You give us Your name and we will bear Your image on earth and forevermore.

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    R.C. Babione
    April 11, 2017 at 7:31 am

    Absolutely beautiful! Such a wonderful reality! Thank you for this reminder, sister.

  2. Reply
    April 11, 2017 at 1:56 pm

    Wow!!! What an absolutely beautiful description! It lifts the heart and spirit. Thank you for sharing.

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