Christ, The Eternal Purpose


“The first thing to take into account is the desire and the design of the Father for His family. Surely everything begins there with the family, and when we ask ourselves what the desire and the design of our Father is for His spiritual family, there is but one answer. And that answer is given to us in a statement which itself includes a family title: “Foreordained to be conformed to the image of His son.” Conformity to the image of the firstborn is the desire and the design of the Father for the whole family.

The family is to take its character from the Firstborn. There is to be a family likeness, and, so far as this family is concerned, the family likeness is to be according to the firstborn. That is, that what is true of Chris has to become true of the whole family. The characteristics and traits of the Lord Jesus have to be reproduced in every subsequent child and member of the family. That being the desire and the design of the Father made known to all His children, if they are to be obedient children, children of God in very truth, then they will lay to heart His desire and realize that their main business is the satisfaction of the Father’s heart in the development of those features of the Firstborn. The New Testament is occupied with that; indeed all the Scriptures are occupied with that. The Old Testament is concerned in a typical way with the reproducing of the features of Christ. The New Testament is most clearly one great collective, accumulative appeal and urge for the realization of Christ-likeness.”

I used to think that Jesus looked like a sinless life, teaching ministry, good works, miracles, and healings. That to look like Jesus I had to be as close to sinless as I could get, have some sort of “ministry”, and be used by God to work miracles and heal people. Honestly, I thought if I was sinning less, then maybe God would use me in some sort of ministry, and then if I really proved myself (you know, being faithful in the small things), He would allow me to be the conduit for some miracles and stuff. Once I was doing all that stuff, THEN I would look like Jesus.

What I’ve seen as I’ve gazed upon the Lord (not man’s ideas of Him) is that Jesus looks very different than what I thought. Jesus looks like yieldedness. Jesus looks like sacrifice. Jesus looks like denying oneself. Jesus looks like living by the life of another. Jesus looks like obedience. Jesus looks like resurrection. Jesus looks like faithfulness. Jesus looks like grace. Jesus looks like compassion. Jesus looks like humility. Jesus looks like forgiveness. Jesus looks like truth. Jesus looks like long-suffering. Jesus looks like wisdom. Jesus looks like joy. Jesus looks like peace. Jesus looks like purpose. Jesus looks like unity. Jesus looks like the Father’s heart. Jesus looks like true love.

The Father is in the business of conforming His sons and daughters into the image of The Son.

The Family of God looks like Jesus.

Here is the article the quote above comes from.

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  1. Reply
    February 23, 2017 at 6:24 pm

    Absolutely enjoyed this?

  2. Reply
    Patrick Maina
    February 24, 2017 at 5:32 am

    ‘really resonated with this post especially the line, “The Father is in the business of conforming His sons and daughters into the image of The Son.”. Thank you.

  3. Reply
    David Sword
    March 2, 2017 at 5:26 pm

    Thanks Bridget, this really resonated with me as well. We have been discussing the differences between eating from the right vs wrong “tree”. A change from an old “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” mentality, which is really about me trying to make my life conform to His life (Turkey vs Human : )), rather than the “Tree of Life” and dying to my myself and LIVING a transformed life which is Christ’s life within me. One is obviously works oriented and during my early years of wallking with the Lord it was something I was even conscious of, even espoused to it in my naiveté. Later on (looking through a new lens) it was still very much the way I was living but on a subconscious level. I thought I was living by the life of Christ in me but I was really subconsciously eating of the wrong tree almost every day. Attempting to do the “right things” and not do the “wrong things” in order to conform my own image the image I had of Christ. Opposed to yielding my life and dying to myself that His LIFE would be made manifest through me.

    Thank you lord for transforming us from within and renewing our minds for the Kingdom.

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