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Christian Life

The Law of the Spirit of Life

Do you have a standard? You know, some kind of criteria or expectation you strive to live up to or meet? Or perhaps you have a standard that you hold others to? I know I used to do this.…

Christian Life

Willing to Fight

Myself and a few others are about to embark on a journey to work with a church group, and there have been some challenges. A song came to my mind that I believe was from the Lord as…

Christian Life

Rick and Morty

I recently started watching a show called Rick and Morty. The show can be irreverent and crass, but sometimes it makes great points. The idea of being enslaved to a world system gets presented in this clip from the…

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The Utopian Curse

Many people leave organized church frustrated but become convinced that there is a New Testament model of the church that if followed closely will spit out a utopian church community. Unfortunately, this just ain't so. At least not on…

Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

Living the Dream

What does it mean to be “living the dream”? Traveling the world in search of adventure? Being successful in a satisfying job? Having a wonderful, close-knit family that you spend lots of time with? Living in an awesome city?…

Christian Life

The Deception of Inception

I know we’re supposed to be looking for ways we can see Christ in this movie, and I hope to be able to point to Him with this blogpost. That being said, in watching Inception this time, I was…