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One Dream

Inception is a movie the Lord used to confirm and nudge me further to follow the feeling that there just had to be more of Him than what I had always known. In this post, I'm going to come…

Christian Life

Musings on Inception

Ya’ll remember the post I did a few weeks ago about not thinking as deeply as the other bloggers on here? Yeah well, this post is another example of that.…

Christian Life

Blog Posts by Inception

This month's posts have been done quite differently. Someone planted a thought (let's all build on one another's posts about the movie Inception) and then the rest of us have jumped in on that thought to make it a…

Christ, Christian Life

Inception by Deception

Instead of going where Mark did in his post, seeing the movie as “a beautiful picture of the only true Inception, the Spirit of Christ dwelling in us” (which it very much is), I saw a different angle, a…

Christian Life

The Christian Moderate

For a follower of Christ, sometimes pursuing “good” instead of “Life” is the sin that so easily entangles, because it is so deceiving and distracting.…

Christian Life

Are You Offended In Me?

John the Baptist: I have been imprisoned by Herodias because I spoke boldly to Herod about not taking her as his wife for she is the wife of his brother Philip. I revealed Jesus to people. I’ve seen…