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Smells Like a Teen Spirit

Recently I spoke with someone whose is in a house church group that is currently in the midst of a crisis. It was recounted that some of the people refused to be willing to even consider changing their views.…

Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

Got Zeal?

I love looking up the definitions of words because it has a way of exacting my thinking to the real meaning of something and not just my idea of what I think it means.…

Christian Life

Giving Him What He Asks for

One year, I asked RC for some books for Christmas. As I surveyed my packages, none of them seemed the right size for books. But, I figured he had come up with some way to disguise my gifts seeing…

Christian Life

I Tried So Hard and Got So Far

I’ve always liked the song, but over the past years, it has come to take on a new meaning. I found hope knowing that trying so hard doesn’t really matter. …