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Christian Life

Where Can I Find Community?

More and more people are coming out of the IC (institutional church) and they are finding themselves alone and isolated. They are misunderstood by those who they have left behind in their former place of worship, and as they…

Christ, Christian Life

Seeing Christ in Two Minutes

Greetings Holy Ones! Welcome to this wonder filled 2nd day of January of the 18th year (± a couple of years) just inside the 3rd millennium since our Christ was received into the heavenlies! I drew the short straw…

Christian Life, Church Life

Smells Like a Teen Spirit

Recently I spoke with someone whose is in a house church group that is currently in the midst of a crisis. It was recounted that some of the people refused to be willing to even consider changing their views.…

Christian Life, The Eternal Purpose

Got Zeal?

I love looking up the definitions of words because it has a way of exacting my thinking to the real meaning of something and not just my idea of what I think it means.…

Christian Life

Giving Him What He Asks for

One year, I asked RC for some books for Christmas. As I surveyed my packages, none of them seemed the right size for books. But, I figured he had come up with some way to disguise my gifts seeing…