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Christ, Christian Life


Too many Christians today are told (or it is implied), "God loves you if....". While they may have initially been drawn to Jesus because they were told of His unconditional love, they end up having a lot of conditions…

Christ, Christian Life

The Horse and the Lion

Recently, I’ve been rereading The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. In the particular scene I want to share with you today, two horses and a child are talking about Aslan (the Christ figure in the books), whom…

Christ, The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Seeing Christ in His Body

As you have seen in this month’s theme through the writings of our brothers and sisters, another image depicting the church (the ecclesia) is the “body of Christ.” The ecclesia is God’s flesh through which He expresses the life…

Christ, The Eternal Purpose


I used to think that Jesus looked like a sinless life, teaching ministry, miracles, and healings. What I’ve seen as I’ve gazed upon the Lord (not man’s ideas of Him) is that Jesus looks very different than what I…

Christ, Christian Life

Who Do You Say I Am?

“Let us be clear about this fact, that the Church is not merely a company of people whose sins are forgiven and who are going to heaven; it is a company of those whose eyes have been opened by…