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Podcast #19: Meet Milt & Mary Rodriguez

You've seen them mentioned from time to time on the blog, and you've maybe even read some of their books. Perhaps you already know them, but really miss hearing their voices? Well, whether you know them or not, here… Life

Podcast #18: Reframing Conferences

What do you expect from a conference? Information? A mountaintop Experience? Special "untouchable" speakers? In this episode, we debunk common mindsets and expectations for religious conferences and offer a renewed outlook for the To the Saints Conference coming in… Life

To the Saints

Recently, an opportunity arose for those of us in Austin, TX. We have started a two hour radio program called To the Saints which began on Sunday, January 15th!… Life, Christ

Away in a Manger Reborn

Ah, what a wonderful time of year. The election is over, the turkey is pardoned, and the jingle hop has begun. With so much going on this season, I elected to redo a beloved Christmas lullaby. To help us… Life

Waiting on the Lord

For a little over 2 years I've been in a place of waiting. Waiting on the Lord to give direction on what the next phase of life for my family will look like. To better understand the place I'm… Life

2016 Personal Updates: Thomas

Circumstantially, I’m still in Nashville and am involved with a local organic church here. It is likely that myself and a few others will spend some time in Philadelphia sometime in 2017 helping a group that has invited…