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IC365: A Daily Calendar

Have you ever seen those little perpetual desk calendars that contain daily inspiration or motivation? Well, I've seen them, and have found them to be a mixed bag. So, I started writing one myself back in May. Here's a… Life, Christ

Seeing Christ in Tim Buss

Andy and Malaina Hollinger and their family recently visited Tim Buss in Tucson, AZ. They quickly found that the rumor is true. Tim Buss sees Jesus in EVERYTHING!! … Life, Christ

BRC & ARC: Lord & Savior

We had believed into Christ and claimed to make Him Lord and Savior of our lives. But our actions spoke otherwise. We followed our own path, ultimately keeping lordship for ourselves, and we strove to please Him, ultimately keeping… Life

The Great Adventure

Hey 3rd Race community! I've missed blogging with you over the past several months. It's been pretty busy in my household, but I wanted to share my heart with you :-)…