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Captain America and Jesus

7896988232_ec9943e433_zHave you seen the first Captain America movie?

It’s ripe with the reality of Christ to me.  You see, Captain America has The Life within him.  He’s the only one that has been given the super serum.  He’s the only one with super strength…super ability…super everything, yet the powers that be put him in the position of a mascot.  They have him on stage “pretending” to do all the things he can do, but they won’t give him the opportunity to actually do those things.

I never realized it in my early christian life, but this was who Christ was to me.  Someone used simply to “inspire” me to do things.  He was put on stage every Sunday morning or Wednesday night and I was then told about all the things I was supposed to do for Him.  He was a mascot.  And a very demanding one at that.

Don’t get me wrong: despite myself, the Lord began a relationship with me.  He was real to me and I loved Him.  But I didn’t really know Him.

When Captain America was allowed to be who he truly was, to do what only he could do, things happened.  Things changed.  The Life that was in him was expressed to the fullest.  And when someone is able to express the life within them fully;  that’s when you really get to know them.

God has only put His Divine Life (the super serum) into one person; His Son. God doesn’t give us Divine Life apart from His Son. The only thing He gives us is Jesus.

Jesus Christ IS The Life and He is living in you and me.  We can choose to set Christ on stage as a mascot and go on living by our own life or we can give Him free reign and live by His inexhaustible, eternal Life. We can live by Him.

For more on living by Christ here is the introduction to a series that was hugely helpful to me:

You can find the entire series for purchase here.

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    kenneth dawson
    November 12, 2014 at 6:14 pm

    yes you are so right–I am currently going through that series by Viola–it is very good.

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