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‘Bread & Wine’ and ‘Bethany’

We have been in Austin, TX, for one month now. Things are moving slowly, yet we believe we are staying in step with the Lord. While we wait on the Lord, I have been focusing on finishing a couple of writing projects I have been working on.

The first one is a small e-book called Bread & Wine. At the beginning of this year, on my personal blog Love, Bridget, I began focusing on our spiritual diets. Many people begin a new physical diet with the new year, so I was inspired to focus on helping people begin a new spiritual diet. I believe that what we eat spiritually is even more important than what we eat physically, yet few people think in those terms.

I was recording a short video every couple of weeks where I would share different changes I had made to my own spiritual diet, what it means to actually eat spiritually, and offer spiritual “recipes” for viewers to try for themselves. I would also pepper in random, fun things I wanted to share like my love of liquid nitrogen ice cream. After a few months, though, I realized that it might be beneficial if all the spiritual diet info was in one place making it easier to find. Thus, the idea for an e-book was born.

I will be launching the e-book toward the end of next week, but if you want to find out more about it you can go here. You can also sign up to be on my weekly email list, and receive small weekly updates from our life out in the “field”, as well as links to any new blog posts I’ve written that week.

My second writing project is one that I’ve been working on since spring of 2015. Not because it’s that big of a project, but because I’m just moving that slowly. This one will actually be available as a physical book and an e-book. Through the story of Martha, Mary, and Lazarus, I believe we see the Lord’s heart and purpose as well as how He goes about accomplishing it.

When we don’t understand what the Lord is after, or how He goes about getting it, we can end up resisting His work. The Lord’s thoughts and ways are so very other than our own, so oftentimes we work against what He is doing because we assume He would do things our way. Or we assume that He is after what we are after. Once we have seen the Lord’s Great Purpose, His Divine Intention, and have begun to understand His ways, we can yield ourselves to His work and flow with Him in unity.

I’m really not sure when this book will be finished, but if you are on my Love, Bridget email list you will definitely hear about. I’m sure I will also post something here at 3rdRace.org when that time comes.

Stepping out into the world of writing has been exciting and uncomfortable all at the same time. Writing a book has been a very different process for me from writing a blog post, and one I’d not imagined myself ever doing. Only after feeling prompted from the Lord did I even consider the thought, and the journey has definitely been one of ups and downs, stretching and growing, and finding more and more faith in the One who is able. The One through whom we do all things and without whom we can do nothing.

The One worth it all. Jesus the Christ.

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