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In August of 2014, my wife and I started blogging together. We had both blogged separately for a few years before that, but in the summer of 2014, as we were in the midst of a brand new season of life with the Lord, we both discerned Him asking us to write. This was to be a more concentrated, pointed, purposeful writing, and it was to be done together. Beyond that, we really didn’t know what that entailed, how it was to look, or what would come of it. To be honest, we were asking the Lord for a job, and more specifically, a paying job, but this is what the Lord gave us: 3rdRace.org.

Before a Revelation of Christ

My wife and I have been Christians for most of our lives. We both believed into Christ as students (she was younger, I was older), and we both have tried to live the Christian life since. But once we took that bite from the Tree of Life, we were steadily fed a diet from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. Not from malicious intent, but because that was all anyone knew. And it was all we knew for a long time. But just as your body can start to give you signs that your physical diet isn’t quite right, so, too, can your spirit give you signs that your spiritual diet isn’t quite right. After a while, we realized that while we claimed to be Christians (and yes, I believe we were “saved”), we were still following our own life, or the world, or anything other than Christ Himself. Yes, we were “Christians”, but no, we weren’t following Christ. We were following a man-made system of beliefs about Christ. We hadn’t seen the real Christ yet, but only enough of a glimpse to know we wanted more.

After a long while, we realized we were still seeing Christ from our perspective, from a human standpoint. We saw Him in the context of what He could do for us, or what we could do for Him, or who He was for us, or who we could be for Him. We saw a small, needy, demanding Christ. We saw a Christ that was difficult to serve correctly and please all the time. We saw a Christ as big as a cracker wafer and plastic shot glass of grape juice.

We also had a lot of issues with church. Why did we do this? Why did we not do that? What is the right way to do church? Is there a right way to do church? We saw a business with Christ’s name on it. We saw an entity obviously separated from Christ, but still claiming unity with Him.

All of this (and so much more) was before a real revelation of Christ. Again, we had believed into Christ and claimed to make Him Lord and Savior of our lives. But our actions spoke otherwise. We followed our own path, ultimately keeping lordship for ourselves, and we strove to please Him, ultimately keeping saviorship in our own hands. We never would have said that’s what we were doing, as we believed the contrary (we believed Jesus was Lord and Savior), but we didn’t back that up with our lifestyle. The way we lived incriminated us. Oh, I don’t believe any church, particularly in America, would have indicted us, but I’m not as confident the Lord wouldn’t have. Then, things changed.

After a Revelation of Christ

One day, or maybe it was over the slow course of several years, we saw the Christ. We were fed again from the Tree of Life. We began to discern the difference between the two trees and desired more the fruit from Life. (While we still occasionally eat from the other tree, we can certainly taste the difference and change our diet back to Life.) We started to lay down our own life, and the world, and anything else to follow Christ. We started to not only be “Christians”, but to actually follow Christ and not a man-made system. We saw the real Christ, the Christ of Heaven and Earth, the full Christ, and we know we want more.
We started seeing Christ not from our human perspective, but from God’s perspective. Why did He create in the first place? Why then did He send His Son? What purpose does Christ fulfill? Now we see better who this Christ is, what He means to the Father, how He is filling the earth and building His Church. We see a ginormous, holy, loving Christ. We see a Christ who can’t be served by striving, but by surrender, and is pleased in the simplest choosing of Him. We see a Christ bigger than the universe, yet as big as His Body.

We also see that we saw the church incorrectly. We saw a man-made system and wondered what was wrong with it. Now, we see the Body and Bride of Christ, the House and Family of God, and the Temple of the Holy Spirit. We see an entity united in Christ, by Christ, for Christ. We see Christ’s Body united with Christ the Head to be Christ’s expression on the earth.

We once saw Christ the Merciful, Christ the Forgiver, Christ the Savior, but now we see Christ the All in all. Not only have we believed into Christ, but now we follow Him. Not that we’ve already arrived, but we discover more and more ways to follow His Life everyday. We have forsaken our own path for His, ultimately giving Lordship to Him, and we rest in His completed work, ultimately giving Saviorship into His hands. We see a Christ worthy of the sacrifice, worthy of trust, worthy of it all. Now, our lifestyle (again, not perfect) backs that up better than it ever did.

The Smallest of Examples

Now, after a revelation of Christ from the Father, we surrender, daily/moment by moment to Him our Lord and Savior. And it’s no longer about anything we do, but about what He is doing. And He’s building His Church right under our noses. And He’s fully big enough and fully capable to handle it all Himself. Now, we take our hands off of it, and let Him do the work, however He chooses. How does that look practically?

Take for instance that I, R.C., like to have 3rdRace.org posts publish every Tuesday and Thursday. I think people have come to expect that schedule and are somehow affected when it’s not followed. I’ve made a system out of the blog that the Lord originally set up. BRC, I stay up late and/or get up early and write something, anything, just to make a post. ARC, I realize that this is His blog, not mine. I sit with Him, listen to Him, and write what He has me write, and publish it when He has me publish it, and I let Him handle the outcome. BRC, I try to manipulate when things happen and how people react to those happening things. ARC, I trust the Lord with it all, and allow Him to handle and deal with those details. And lemme tell you, the freedom in that is amazing. Amazing!

So, have you seen this all-inclusive, eternal, holy Christ? Has He given you a vision of His Lordship and Saviorship? Have you turned everything over to Him? We can’t see it ourselves, but the Father has to reveal it. Have you asked Him to reveal it? Don’t ask with regards to you (e.g. “What do You want me to do, God?”), but just ask Him (e.g. “What are You doing, God?”)

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    Kenneth Dawson Dawson
    September 8, 2017 at 9:35 am

    Yes I have seen Him as Life and yes I am still learning to turn everything over to His control—Your efforts on this blog have been very helpful and I just want to encourage you to keep bloging and feeding us—It is very helpful!

  2. Reply
    September 8, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    Yes and Amen!
    Donna recently posted…We’re Kept In The VineMy Profile

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