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“Bow Ties Are Cool”

The Eternal Purpose of God
as Illustrated in the Shape of a Bow Tie

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The First Big End

God wants an image, a full expression, to fill the earth.

He creates mankind to be His image on the earth.  He commands them to eat and to be fruitful and multiply.  He wants to fill the earth with His image.  Now, all of humanity is God’s expression on the earth.  It’s a wide and full expression.  And it is good.

Mankind decides to eat from the one tree God said not to, thus rejecting God and choosing not to be His image on the earth.

Into the Knot

God still wants an image, a full expression, to fill the earth.

He calls Abram out of his land into another land.  He promises Abram a son and many descendants from that son.  These descendants will be the nation of Israel, and God sets this people apart from the rest of the nations to be His expression on the earth. He wants Israel, the nation, to fill the earth with His expression, but it is not the fullest expression He could have had.  It is only a people set apart – not the full humanity.

The nation of Israel fashions an idol to worship instead of the Most High God.  Israel wants a king like everyone else instead of allowing the King of Kings to lead them.  Israel worships the law instead of the Law-Giver.  The nation of Israel thus rejects God and chooses not to be His image on the earth.

The Knot

God is still after His image on the earth.  He still wants to fill the earth with His expression.

God the Father sends His only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, to be His image on the earth.

Jesus draws from His Father’s life and obeys Him, stating that He, Jesus, can do nothing apart from the Father.  Jesus only speaks what He hears the Father speaking.  Jesus is never driven by need or want, He waits on His Father before doing anything.  All the fullness of deity dwells inside Jesus, yet Jesus is fully human.  He is tempted as humans are tempted.  He experiences hunger and thirst, and sadness, and anger, and joy as humans do, yet He never once disobeys His Father.  He is perfect as only He can be perfect thus fulfilling Israel’s and mankind’s purpose to be God’s expression on the earth.

Out of the Knot

God wants a full, corporate image, or expression, to fill the earth.

Jesus dies and gives birth to the Church, His corporate body.

He fills His followers with His Spirit and gives them the same ability to draw from His life as He did His Father’s.  Jesus is the head of His body, the Church.  He and His body are one.  The same fullness that dwelled inside Jesus while He was humanly living on the earth now dwells within His people, His church.  The church is the Bride of Christ, the Body of Christ, the Family of God, the House of God, and the Temple of the Holy Spirit.  This royal priesthood, the Church, now fulfills God’s image and gives Him expression on the earth.

The Last Big End

God wants to fill the earth with His image, a full, corporate expression.

He creates a new heaven and a new earth and fills it with His city, His people.

The Lamb is the Light of the City and gives Life to the City.  The people draw upon God for every resource.  God’s purpose comes full circle, and His image, His corporate expression, now encompasses all of humanity and fills the earth.  God gets His image, His expression on the earth.  And it is good.

For scripture references, see Genesis 1-3, 12; Exodus 32; 1 Samuel 8; John 1, 15; Acts 1; Revelation 21-22.

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    Bow ties are for boys-God wants us to be full grown adult sons..come to the blue oval and be a real just teasing you with a little of the Ford verses Chevy talk

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