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Body Life 101: Be Intentional

Living a shared life together in Body Life takes a willingness to be intentional. You can very much be a part of Body Life and not have any kind of real relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ if you are not intentional. Just being in Body Life is not enough. You have to intentionally and actively participate.

It is important to be intentional about spending time with your brothers and sisters in Christ. The more time spent together allows for members of the Body to get to know each other more, allows for opportunities of sharing Christ outside of the meeting, and ultimately gives the Lord an open way to build you together into His house through your relationships.

The key to this intentional, active participation is that it has to be done out from the Lord’s life. We can’t force relationship with each other, and we can’t remain passive and just expect or hope relationships happen. We also can’t overlook or ignore brothers and sisters that we don’t prefer to spend time with for reasons such as personality conflicts.

Our relationships with each other in Body Life should flow out from our personal relationship with Jesus Christ. This means that our relationships with our brothers and sisters in Christ are just an extension of our time abiding in the Life of Christ. The more we abide in the life of Christ, the more our heart bends towards the things His heart desires. We in turn can choose to embrace whatever cross is in the way of Him having what He wants.

In short-
*abide in the Lord
*be intentional about His purpose
*have an open heart about spending time with your brothers and sisters in Christ

Here are a few examples of how you can be intentional about spending time with your brothers and sisters in Body Life:

  • Eat together often. Families can invite another family to bring their dinner over and eat together (BYOD: Bring Your Own Dinner) Married couples can invite single saints for dinner.
  • If you’re not comfortable spending time one-on-one, spend time together in a group of three.
    Plan a game night.
  • Invite someone to pursue the Lord together through reading together, rewriting scripture together, etc.
  • Go grocery shopping together. We all have to buy food!
  • Watch a sports game together.

This list is very small. There are countless ways you can spend time with others in the Body. Whether members of the Body of Christ naturally have a lot in common or very little in common, the truth is that we relate to each other through Jesus Christ. As you keep Christ at the center, the most beautiful gems can be found in being intentional about pursuing real relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ.


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