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Wow, I sure have been enjoying this months’ posts on the movie Inception, haven’t you?

This month’s posts have been done quite differently, in that the contributors have been building on one another’s posts, rather than just all sharing random things on the same topic. So in a sense, this month’s blog posts have unfolded in a similar way to the actual movie itself! (based on a dream within a dream within a dream). Someone planted a thought (let’s all build on one another’s posts about the movie Inception) and then the rest of us have jumped in on that thought to make it a reality and bring our own contributions to it. See previous posts here to get a background.

So far we’ve looked at how sometimes God has to give us a ‘kick’ to wake us up out of our dreaming and into our reality in our true identity, by R.C.  (I’ll talk more on this further down the post). We’ve looked at Sharing the mind of Christ, written by Mark. I loved this because I see how in doing the posts this way this month, it is kind of what we’ve been doing together.

I also appreciated Mark’s post because I had watched the movie many years ago and couldn’t understand it. By reading Mark’s post I got an understanding before I went and watched it again.  When I watched the movie the second time, I got it. Sometimes we need a brother or sister who has a greater/deeper revelation of Christ, to help us to see Him with better understanding. That’s how the body of Christ works. We each have a portion of Christ to share, just like in these posts, and when we each share Him we all get a better picture of who He really is.

We took a look at Inception by Deception where Alison drew from Mark’s post and focused on how our enemy can plant a thought in our minds with the intent of making us believe the thought originated from us. Relating to Alison’s post, there’s a line in the movie where the characters are discussing the perception of inception (which is the planting of a thought). As already discussed in previous posts, the thought had to be a very simple and basic one. Tom Hardy’s character suggests the most basic thought would be concerning “the relationship with the father”.  Wow. That really stood out to me.

That was the most basic thought that Satan used in the Garden of Eden. He planted the thought of doubt in Adam and Eve’s minds, asking “Did God really say…?”. In doing this He attacked the relationship, and their identity that they had in the Father. He sowed a seed of separation.

During Jesus’ life on earth, Satan tried the same tactic a number of times. In the wilderness of temptation, Satan taunted “If you are the Son of God….”.  Jesus relationship with His Father was also under scrutiny and question by the religious leaders. They called Him a blasphemer by claiming to be the Son of God. On the cross He was taunted “Come down off the cross if you are the Son of God”.  They questioned His identity. Alas, the thought/seed never took root in Jesus of-course. Jesus knew who He was without any doubt and He never even gave a second thought to the mocking and efforts to bring doubt or even the temptation to defend His identity, all that was being stirred up by Satan.

It’s the oldest trick in the book (literally) – attacking our identity in Christ. We now have become equal heirs with Christ, of the Father. We are now all sons of God. Those who are led by the Spirit of God are sons of God . Jesus taught the disciples to pray “Our” heavenly Father.

When the devil comes along to bring seeds of doubt about our identity – God gives us that ‘kick’ to wake us up and remind us who we really are. Sometimes that ‘kick’ comes through our brothers and sisters reminding us of our identity in Christ. Oh, how we need to be reminded, and daily! The exhortation in the scriptures is to encourage one another daily. What do you think the saints in the book of Acts were encouraging one another with? It seems to me they were encouraging one another in the truth – who Jesus is, what He has done and who they were in Him.

Let’s do the same folks. Let’s encourage one another daily. We are sons of God. Our relationship with our heavenly Father is secured in Christ. We are now all members of Christ’s one body. We are a new creation. We are members of One New Man. Nothing can take that away from us!

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