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Tim Buss

Christ, The Church

Seeing Christ in the Rapture

Because the Lord is coming back this weekend I thought I would write one last article before then. As we all know, sometime this weekend the stars will align to yet another sign of our soon and coming Christ,…

Christ, The Eternal Purpose

Seeing Christ in Totality

On Monday August 21, 2017, I saw the best movie trailer ever made. The trailer was a little over 2 minutes long and it was incredibly dramatic and out of this world! The movie is still being shot, but…


Seeing Christ in the Waterfall

Lately, in beholding the Lord, I’ve been seeing and thinking of waterfalls. So... “OK Lord, what do you want to show me of yourself in these pictures/images of waterfalls?”…

The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Seeing Christ in the Garden

Beloved, as we have been reading this month's blogs themed on the bridal image of the ecclesia, we find the bride is making herself ready. Through the wind of each and every sentence of each blog article, through…