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Thomas Fortson

Christian Life

Willing to Fight

Myself and a few others are about to embark on a journey to work with a church group, and there have been some challenges. A song came to my mind that I believe was from the Lord as…

Christian Life

Rick and Morty

I recently started watching a show called Rick and Morty. The show can be irreverent and crass, but sometimes it makes great points. The idea of being enslaved to a world system gets presented in this clip from the…

Christian Life

Musings on Inception

Ya’ll remember the post I did a few weeks ago about not thinking as deeply as the other bloggers on here? Yeah well, this post is another example of that.…

Christian Life

The Christian Moderate

For a follower of Christ, sometimes pursuing “good” instead of “Life” is the sin that so easily entangles, because it is so deceiving and distracting.…

Christian Life

Resting in Weakness

Focusing has always been tough for me, and sometimes I feel inadequate and like an outsider amongst the other workers and bloggers. This temptation to delve into self-focus has been a feature of my life for many years now.…

Christian Life

Further Along the Journey

This blog is read by people on all different stages of their journey with Jesus. I think the attached song will minister to some people as it is about being in between two places and not really feeling at…