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The Church, The Eternal Purpose

The Architect’s Eternal Home

There was once a great and wise Architect. In fact, He was the wisest of all Architects. This Architect had lived in many different kinds of dwellings. Some were temporary, like a tent. Others were more permanent, like…

Christian Life, Church Life

Transformed through Waiting

We live in a consumer oriented, instant gratification culture. We have constant phone notifications, Netflix “binge watching”, self-checkout lines, and now Amazon has rolled two-HOUR delivery in some cities. Our culture abhors waiting in most cases. However, I…

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Christ, Christian Life

There Is No Other Stream

I'd like to share a passage today from a book by Larry Crabb, entitled The Presure's Off. This passage really spoke to me in various ways, so I'm passing it on.…

Church Life

3 Questions to Stop Gossip in its Tracks

Gossip is a plague to the health of society, and this holds true for the body of Christ as well. What I want to share in this article are three questions that will stop gossip dead in its tracks.…