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The Great Adventure

Hey 3rd Race community! I've missed blogging with you over the past several months. It's been pretty busy in my household, but I wanted to share my heart with you :-)…

Christian Life

Take Time for Prayer

I wanted to share these words of wisdom below from T. Austin-Sparks regarding taking time for prayer. How easy it is sometimes for us to be so busy doing important things, especially activities we feel God leading us to…

Church Life

Body Life 101: Be Intentional

Living a shared life together in Body Life takes a willingness to be intentional. You can very much be a part of Body Life and not have any kind of real relationship with your brothers and sisters in Christ… Life

Waiting on the Lord

For a little over 2 years I've been in a place of waiting. Waiting on the Lord to give direction on what the next phase of life for my family will look like. To better understand the place I'm…

Christian Life

A Prayer of Transformation

"Lord we desire to be transformed by you and allow your Life to be expressed through us. We desire to walk in the Light of your spirit..."…

Christian Life

A Story of Freedom

For those who are in Jesus Christ, there are no situations or circumstances while living in this earth that can ever take away the freedom we've been given in Christ. This freedom is limitless, ever-reaching, and freely given as…

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The Teachings of the Lord

In light of me giving birth today, and with our current theme of "Summer School" at, here are a few things the Lord has given me deeper teaching in over the past 9 months about His Life as…

Christian Life

The Fire of Conflict

Ever been in any type of relationship with someone and personality conflict arises? How do you respond? Do you shut yourself off because of pride? Do you let them negatively shut you down out of insecurity? Are you completely…