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Donna Batty

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Seeing Through The Invisibles

Christ is now alive in us; His resurrection Life lives in us and we are vessels of His life. He will endure in you, He is faithful in you, He is capable in you, His capacity is endless.…

Christian Life

Blog Posts by Inception

This month's posts have been done quite differently. Someone planted a thought (let's all build on one another's posts about the movie Inception) and then the rest of us have jumped in on that thought to make it a…

The Eternal Purpose

Christ our Bridegroom

Jesus is the Bridegroom waiting patiently for His bride. He has prepared for her a home in His Father's house. He is making her ready for Himself...…

The Eternal Purpose

Don’t Lose Your Head!

I remember when I first heard someone tell a bunch of believers that the head is not separate to the body, in relation to Christ The Head and the Church. I thought it was funny and an odd thing…

The Eternal Purpose

Why Did God Want A Family?

I have never had children of my own. It's not because I haven't wanted to, the timing was just never quite right. At times I have really wanted to start a family. As I was preparing to write this…