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The Horse and the Lion

Recently, I’ve been rereading The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis. In the particular scene I want to share with you today, two horses and a child are talking about Aslan (the Christ figure in the books), whom…

The Church, The Eternal Purpose


Today I want to share a simple yet profound truth: The church is the body of Christ. He is the Head, she is the body. They are one. Inseparable.…

Church Life, The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Can You Imagine?

Imagine you are moving across the country with spouse and child in tow. Your sister and her husband already live in your new town, and they invite you to stay with them until you can find a place to…

The Eternal Purpose

Whose House Are You Building?

I’d like to start today with a reminder of our reality. For believers, the Eternal Temple of God is made up of His people in Christ. This Temple is also referred to as the House of God. It is…

Christian Life

Truth and Consequences

There is a strong part of me that likes making decisions based on the best foreseeable outcome. But what about when the Lord reveals something about how He wants us to function in a given moment or season? Do…