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R.C. Babione

The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Who’s a Big Boy?

Christ is our Head, and we are His Body. But we haven't grown up unto full stature yet. In the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, we have been raised up and seated with Him. In the earthly places, we're…

The Eternal Purpose

A Change of Possession

This eternal purpose stems from the Father's love for the Son through the Spirit. God then desires for that love, that expression of life, to be increased through us; that's where we come in. It's not for us nor…

The Eternal Purpose

Let’s Talk about Family

You know what I like about my family? Well, a lot of things, actually, but in particular, I like that I can just be me around them. I don't have to pretend, or put on airs, or fake it… Life

To the Saints

Recently, an opportunity arose for those of us in Austin, TX. We have started a two hour radio program called To the Saints which began on Sunday, January 15th!…

The Church, The Eternal Purpose

Our Dream House

So, Bridget and I have been married for almost 19 years. For at least 10 of those years (I really think it’s more), we’ve dreamed of building a house. To feed that dream, we’ve gazed upon easily thousands of… Life, Christ

Away in a Manger Reborn

Ah, what a wonderful time of year. The election is over, the turkey is pardoned, and the jingle hop has begun. With so much going on this season, I elected to redo a beloved Christmas lullaby. To help us…

Church Life

Body Life 101: To Tweet or Not to Tweet

Our theme on the blog for this month is Body Life 101, so I'm addressing those who claim to be, and live as, members of the Body of Christ. I'm addressing those who claim to live by the… Life Productions: eBooks

Besides blog posts, we here at offer other "productions". For instance, we offer podcasts and videos. A couple of us even offer published eBooks. Today's post highlights those eBooks and the authors behind them. To check out our… Life, Christian Life

Shake & Bake: An Update

Bridge, the kiddos, and I are now in Austin, TX. We're here because the Lord has something planned, and we're gonna be a part of it somehow, someway. The Walters (Carrie and her family) are here, too, and another…