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Are You Offended In Me?

Matthew 11 Skit

Scene 1 John in Prison

John: (speaking to himself)

I have been imprisoned by Herodias because I spoke boldly to Herod about not taking her as his wife for she is the wife of his brother Philip. I revealed Jesus to people.  I’ve seen Jesus myself; I even baptized him one day. I saw the dove come out of the sky and the Father say that he was the beloved and he was well pleased with Him. I know he is the one who has been sent. I am so grateful to be used by Jesus to reveal Him to others. Surely he knows I am here and I could die here?

I have heard that good works are still happening even though I am in here.  I am hoping He will save me. I have greatly increased the public awareness of his ministry. I have baptized people who have turned to him. I’ve wondered the desert, which is not a hospitable place to be, you know. It’s hot and there is little food, hardly any shelter either. I’ve been eating locust and honey and wearing animal skins for clothes.

This has not been the easiest ministry. People insult me for what I eat and wear, they probably think I’m crazy. I don’t care about what they think, my Jesus will save me from this prison and then they will see that I’m important to him. But what if he doesn’t save me and I’m beheaded? Did I do all this for nothing to only be killed? Surely he still needs my help to reveal him to others.  

He wouldn’t allow me to die. I cannot believe that… hum, maybe he’s not really the one the Father sent, maybe there is another because he would not allow this to happen to me.

I know, I’ll send word to him if I could just tell him where I am and what might happen to me he would save me from all this difficulty.

Scene 2: Jesus, the Father, and Disciples

Disciples:(speaking to Jesus):

Jesus! Jesus! John has been imprisoned by Herod and they might kill him.  He asks “Are you the One, or should I look for another?”

Jesus:(talking within himself to His Father)

Father my soul is frustrated and disappointed.  I have been insulted, rejected and slandered everywhere I go. I went to Chorazin, Bethsaida, Tyre, and Sidon, they all rejected me even though they have seen your works. They’ve slandered my reputation with false accusations of being a glutton and drunkard because my friends are sinners and tax collectors. John and I  have announced the good news about the new kingdom coming and asked them to turn to Me but they rejected us both. Father, I found out that John the Baptist is in prison now. He’s my family and right-hand man in ministry. I love him, Father. So many people have turned to you because of him. I know it’s your will not to save him from prison or physical death.  But, how will it look if I am not allowed to rescue him? The ministry could be further discredited and look like a failure. Father, please help, is this what you want or is there something else?

Father:(speaking to Jesus inwardly)

I have allowed John to be imprisoned, entire cities to reject you, people slander your character and your ministry to look hopeless.

But Blessed are you, my son if you’re not offended in Me.

Jesus:(speaking inwardly to his Father)

Oh, Father, I chose your life and not my own.  You’ve hidden who you and I are from those who think they are wise and intelligent but have chosen to reveal yourself to infants. This is your way and your ways are above all and so other and I accept your ways and not my own. You’ve allowed me to be rejected, insulted, betrayed and slandered and my ministry to look like a failure.  You have allowed John to be imprisoned even if that means he dies, I accept and rejoice in your wisdom. I Extol you, Father, You are in control of all things that happen in heaven and on earth.  In truth and reality, all things have been given to me, so others may not know who I am…but you know me and that is enough for me.  My greatest pleasure is to know you and to reveal you to your own, who are infants.  I accept all that you allow and rejoice in your ways. I love you and you love me.

Jesus: (turns to speak to his disciples)

Tell John because he has helped reveal Me to many… people’s spiritual eyes are restored, they can now walk in my ways, their spiritual ears are able to hear me and the dead raised can now fellowship with me. My father’s purpose is being realized in his people.

I know how you feel John, discouraged and betrayed, Take heart, My father is in control of heaven and earth. Please know that I am the one who you’ve been looking for and I know you John and you know me.  

I am going to tell you the same thing my Father recently told me when I felt the way you feel now,

He said “blessed is he who is not offended in me”  

Sence 3: Jesus speaking to the crowd 

Jesus: (turns to the crowd)

      Come to Me all who toil and are burdened from trying to be good enough, and I will give you rest.  Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. I am meek and lowly, you will find rest for your soul.   My yoke is the will of the Father, and His will is that I am realized as the ALL and IN ALL in heaven and on earth.  Please know that I am His will and the center of His plan.  

I am your circumstance and life

Dear brothers and sisters,  I am the reason for all you that you go through.

But take heart you are in ME. All things that happen in your life are happening IN me, all things good or bad, they happen to bring about the increase of Me in you. Please know, they are allowed to happen because they are happening IN me. I am your yoke. I am your circumstance, environment.

Let me ask you:

            Are you offended that I am your circumstance? I am the reason for all that you go through. Will you look for another? Blessed is He who is not offended IN me. 

Also dear brother and sister,  

There is another side to the story-I am in you so your yoke is light. I’ve been placed in you so I can be your life now, and I am working from the inside out to permeate and ooze from every cell in your spirit, soul, and body. I am the life within you that will fulfill my Father’s plan for me being known and seen as the All and in All in heaven and on earth. 

You can learn from me how to live by my life that is dwelling within you; because when I was walking the earth I was brought to a low place, taking on the form of a human with all its struggles. As a son of Adam, I learned how to yield and submit to all that my Father allowed me to endure. I learned how, by the life of the Father, to empty of myself even unto death on a cross. I learned to live by the life of my Father for your sake and ultimately the sake of my Father. I have learned how to deny the soul life’s unrelenting effort to keep me from living by my Father’s divine life. He was my source of life and power while I was in human form, and He still is.  Now I am your life and source. I am in you and I am your life and power to endure and overcome the soul life and so you can know rest for your soul. I will see it through until the end until you are completely imaging me.

Let me ask you:

   Are you offended that I am in you, transforming you? Are you offended to live my life and not your own? Will you look for another?  Blessed is he who is not offended IN me.

You will have the same choice as I did when it comes to what the Father allows to happen to you,

Your choice:

  1. You can criticize and become bitter that the Father of heaven and earth, in HIS wisdom, allows things to happen to help reveal and increase ME in y’all.  
  2. Yield to my life so you can extol, rejoice with me in our Father’s wisdom of placing you in me and I in you so that I may become The All and in All in heaven and on earth.

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    Kenneth Dawson
    June 22, 2017 at 9:53 am

    Yea I believe that you will be blessed with Jesus management of your life no matter what happens–it would be a serious mistake to get offended and go off and do your own thing

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