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A Story of Freedom

For those who are in Jesus Christ, there are no situations or circumstances while living in this earth that can ever take away the freedom we’ve been given in Christ. This freedom is limitless, ever-reaching, and freely given as we choose to embrace the way of the Cross in our lives.

Embracing the Cross looks different in each of our lives and in differing circumstances in our lives. It was by way of crucifixion on the Cross that our Lord and Savior gave up His life for us so that we could share in the glories extended to us by God our Father. It is then by way of crucifixion of our self-life, our natural mind, and our self-will that we can gain and experience true freedom through the indwelling Life of Jesus Christ.

I invite you to read this 5-day blog series (written 2 years ago) sharing my journey as I learned to embrace the Cross of physical suffering in my life and began walking in freedom living with Crohn’s Disease. As you read, I hope you are encouraged and inspired in our Lord.

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