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Besides blog posts, we here at 3rdRace.org offer other “productions”. For instance, we offer podcasts and videos. A couple of us even offer published eBooks. Today’s post highlights those eBooks and the authors behind them. To check out our other productions, please visit our new 3rdRace.org Productions page.

Bread & Wine

breadnwineprofileOur newest published author is Bridget Babione. She recently released her first eBook, Bread & Wine: 20 Recipes for Eating and Drinking Christ.

In the book, Bridget shares her own story of learning to eat and drink the True Food, tips she has learned over the years, and 20 practical and enjoyable “recipes” that she (and other 3rdRace.org contributors) has personally used. The recipes are simple ways to eat and drink Christ, or put another way: to draw from Him, to spend time with Him, and to abide in Him, yet they are not your typical religious exercises.

Bridget reveals the only must-have ingredient and ways to know if you are in fact eating Christ or if you are still eating man-made religious ideals. She also offers some of her own personal experiences with some of the recipes and includes a special “extra” at the end of the book. If you are looking for some fresh ideas of ways to spend time with the Lord, then we highly encourage you to check out Bread & Wine.

Shea’s Letters

sheaslettersprofileOur original published author is Floshea Harrigan. In fact, Shea had already published her first eBook, Shea’s Letters, before joining the crew here at 3rdRace.org.

In the book, Shea shares insights from her daily walk with the Lord concerning marriage, parenting, personal issues, and life in general. She provides encouragement that you can practically apply to your life, gives the perspective of Jesus Christ in every day life experiences, and offers inspiration in Christ that challenges you to be ever-mindful and ever-faithful in your focus of our ever-present Lord living within us.

Shea’s Letters is a must read for encouragement and inspiration in Jesus Christ. Read how the Lord invites us to know Him more and more intimately in our everyday lives as an active Person dwelling within us.

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