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2016 Personal Updates: Tim

Hi family! The theme the 3rdRace.org crew adopted for the month of October is: “personal updates!” And guess what? I drew the short straw for the first in the series. So here goes…

monsoonsIn the last week of August, which went by waaay too fast, my son Mike and I had a most wonderful time hanging out with our precious brother and sister, Jon and Dotty Zens. The genesis for this visit was spawned from a dinner that Jon and I had on the evening of July 19th with one of my closest friends and brother (Manny Gamez) and his wife (Monica). Soon after Jon got home to Wisconsin from that July visit in Tucson, we decided to do a video project in response to our conversation with Manny and Monica. So, in the last week of August, Jon and Dotty were with me in Tucson experiencing the Sonoran desert monsoons. During that week of filming, I shared with Manny why and what Jon, Dotty, and I were doing and he was looking forward to seeing the video project. Little did I or anyone else know, but Manny was to be with us this side of eternity only eleven more days. This is a note that Jon sent out a few days ago…

The Tucson Videos 2016  

After I spent a week with others in July in Tucson at Tim Buss’s home, a series of events led Tim and I to consider producing some short videos to encourage others to reflect on the Father’s eternal purpose in Christ, and life in His Body.

Dotty and I went to Tucson August 25 to September 1. Tim and I worked through 17 videos, each one about 15 minutes long, several being shot in Saguaro National Park, and the last three being shot on Mount Lemmon (9,000 feet). The titles are listed below.

Tim did some editing and came up with a two-minute trailer taken from #17, “In the Fullness of Time Our Father Sent His Son.”

These videos will be posted at www.searchingtogether.org and YouTube, and perhaps elsewhere.

I hope you enjoy the Lord’s purpose and His house being unfolded!


[The Tucson Videos 2016 project is dedicated to the memory of Manny Gamez (October 1970 – September 11, 2016). On July 19, 2016, Tim took myself, Manny and his wife Monica out to dinner. Out of this encounter came the inspiration to pursue this video endeavor.]

The Tucson Videos Trailer

#1 Father’s Eternal Purpose

#2 It’s All About a Bride for the Son

#3 The Bride Makes a 500-Mile Camel Ride

#4 No Living Water, No Temple Function

#5 The Son Rises In You

#6 Nothing But Christ Crucified

#7 Jesus Is Building, But Not a Building

#8 “Now Will This Meeting Please Come to Order!”

#9 “Take Us to Your Leader!”

#10 Jesus Is Our Mega-Pastor!

#11 We Are a Body, Not a Business

#12 Christ Gave 100% Not 10%

#13 Jesus Continues On Earth Through Us

#14 A Word to Those in the Pews

#15 A Word to Those Behind Pulpits

#16 Our Life Is Hid With God in Christ

#17 “In the Fullness of Time Our Father Sent His Son”

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    Tobias Valdez
    October 18, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Thanks for the update and for sharing these, Tim! And thank you for taking the time to work with Jon to get the videos done to share with so many others! We trust the Lord will cause His word to continue to spread through the land.

    My condolences to you concerning Manny. The Lord comfort you, Monica, and the rest of their family throughout the coming months and years.

  2. Reply
    October 19, 2016 at 1:24 am

    Thank you Tobias.

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