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2016 Personal Updates: Thomas

After my time with the Babiones in Texas, I moved to Nashville to be a part of the organic house church that I’m familiar with there.  Recently, we had a meeting in which everyone wrote a letter from God’s perspective to themselves about what He has been teaching them recently.  (The goal was to help everyone become more aware of what He’s doing in each other.)

Here is the letter I wrote from the Father’s perspective to me:

I’m teaching you a few things, and some of them you’re not aware of.  Here are the ones you are aware of:

Many facades exist in this world; actually, most everything you see is a manifestation of the Curse in some way.  Most people’s lives are totally useless and in the end, will come to nothing.  Most of the thoughts that you think are not ME, and I don’t want you to feel bad about it, but just to get a reality check.  Or should I say a ME check.

At work you’re learning how earthly you can be: influenced by lies about who you are and who your customers are.  You also are learning how self-focused your thoughts can be.  Pretty much whenever you have a bad day, its rooted in thoughts of self-hatred and false judgement towards others.  Both of these are poisonous and I hate them.
[end of letter]

The lies he mentions have to do with the idea that I shouldn’t have a servant’s mindset/heart regarding the people I interact with.  I think of Jesus praying for the people smiling when he was in agony: “forgive them Father…”  I am still learning this, so it’s hard to fully articulate.

Circumstantially, I’m still in Nashville and am involved with a local organic church here.  It is likely that myself and a few others will spend some time in Philadelphia sometime in 2017 helping a group that has invited us there.  We are praying/planning that out as the weeks progress.

Time at Starbucks: I can honestly say that God has used this job to reveal more aspects of himself to me more than my previous jobs in which I counseled people in mental health crisis.  Through customers, coworkers, and the internal dialogue constantly running in my head, He has taught me about my judgmentalism, arrogance, and selfishness.

I have a blog that in theory is about being a content single christian, but in reality its not that focused on being single per se, but rather just stuff that I believe He wants me to post about.  In my preference, I would post more than He has led me to thus far.  You can find it at www.singleandsacred.com.

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    Donna Batty
    October 27, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Wow, the things He is teaching you are heaps cool 🙂
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